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Marcello becomes the world’s first uranium artist

Marcello becomes the world’s first uranium artist

October 15
12:40 2019

Marcello has been at a uphold fight to have his company he single handily birth created developed in the process Marcello Marcus C. Dorleus becomes the youngest chairman and board major of 96 corporations and still has a small business that turned into a fortune 5 million company.

NGH Records CEO Marcello has began to become a global phenomenon and wants you to come out for his world tour which is sold via pay pal when you order the tickets since the artist so happened to save America in an attack all stadiums when purchasing tickets on PayPal name your city no matter how big small or huge Marcello performing as undisputed hip hop king grab your tickets let’s vibe with Marcello NGH RECORDS.

Also, show is backed with 1k 500 250 50$ gift cards 4 per person to honor the world best fans worldwide he loves you and we toast following up he is now a hustler turned mogul.

One Of Marcello Marcus C. Dorleus Events

Entertainer Marcello aka Marcus C Dorleus is embarking on his world tour many stops but it’s going to be a hell of a journey we’re throwing away a hell of a show we’re giving fans exclusive content and don’t think if you spend a the minimal show amount that you want get to see him in person we’re giving my precious fans leaf hats worldwide great things for coming out.

There is 30k memorialia cap every city no mater were clothes music sneakers gift cards unreleased music get a gadget of your choice plus dinner on me after the show gift cards amazon Best Buy apple Fenty beauty Sephora make up Victoria secret also dinner on us after the show we’re goin have a great time let’s turn up salute leaf hats worldwide Red nation.

Grab them here:

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