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Exopharm: 2019 Annual Report Released

Exopharm: 2019 Annual Report Released

October 21
21:12 2019
The Annual Report for Exopharm has been released and is now available online.

Exopharm is a global leader in the exosome therapeutics field, with a focus on using exosomes as regenerative medicine products for health span related conditions.

Melbourne, Australia – Interest in exosome technology is exploding, driven by the role exosomes play in communicating biological processes and as vehicles that deliver therapeutic payloads.

Exopharm has developed a proprietary purification step in the manufacturing process of exosomes. There is no known apparent comparable competition as a developer of superior, scalable methods for purifying exosomes.

Current and future clinical trials in wound healing, dry AMD and osteo-arthritis. One of the most important roles of exosomes is slowing the ageing process which has been shown in various pre-clinical animal studies.

This time last year Exopharm was a small unlisted company embarking on a significant journey. Today, they have a team of 19 staff, have tested their products in an animal study and are embarking on a world-leading first-in-human PLEXOVAL clinical trial.

They achieved their Initial Public Offering listing in December 2018, raising $7,000,000 at 20 cents, and have recently undertaken a Placement to sophisticated investors and completed a Share Purchase Plan (SPP), both at 37 cents, raising an additional $5.5 million for their important activities.

To read the full report, visit the Exopharm website.

For further company and media information contact:

Dr Ian Dixon
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61 (0)3 9111 0026

Rudi Micelson
Monsoon Communications
Phone: +61 (0)3 9620 3333

About Exopharm

Exopharm Limited is an Australian regenerative medicine biopharmaceutical company that is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:EX1) seeking to develop and commercialise exosomes as therapeutic agents – initially a product called Plexaris™ and later a product called Exomeres™.

These products are exosomes that are derived from human platelets in relation to Plexaris, and adult stem cells in relation to Exomeres, and purified using the LEAP Technology and referred to as biologic products. 

As its primary focus, Exopharm aims to be a leader in the field of human therapeutics using exosomes as regenerative medicine products for heath span related conditions.

Media Contact
Company Name: Exopharm Limited
Contact Person: Dr Ian Dixon
Email: Send Email
Phone: 03 9111 0026
Country: Australia

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