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Wuxi T-Control Industrial Technologies customized control cabinets available

Wuxi T-Control Industrial Technologies customized control cabinets available

October 22
20:30 2019
Compartmentalizing and managing computer networking space is a serious issue for some companies who were not ready for the computer age. They struggle with antiquated industrial cabinetry and hardware that does not always function as well as it should meet the demands of an ever-evolving world of international trade.

Wuxi T-Control Industrial Technologies is a leader in the custom electrical control cabinet industry, offering designs and systems for customers with strict demands and high technological needs.

PLC/DCS Services

Wuxi T-Control works with PLC/DCS services across several different industries, helping those companies design, maintain and organize these two systems for maximum efficiency.

“We have helped smaller companies with their PLC and much larger ones with their DCS. Both systems have the same fundamental technology behind them, but the larger companies need to replace their PLC with DCS. We are there to help along the way,” said Sarah Wea, spokesperson for Wuxi T-Control.


SCADA systems for full-sized plants and industries are vital to the success and sometimes the safety of the people and plant itself. This is why having a quality HMI system connected is as important as the SCADA it runs.

“Customers, particularly in industries that require a great deal of mechanization, data collection and the like, come to us for assistance in cabinetry for their SCADA and HMI. We are able to assist them with top quality customer service,” continued Wea.

More information on the control cabinetry and the services covered are available at the Wuxi T- Control website. Visit

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