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PSYCH-K® sessions work at the subconscious mind to change limiting beliefs for a better and more fulfilling life

PSYCH-K® sessions work at the subconscious mind to change limiting beliefs for a better and more fulfilling life

October 22
20:54 2019

The world is honoring the need for spiritual evolution as more people are realizing the power of the human mind in shaping and transforming one’s life. But changing one’s belief system may not be an easy task and expert guidance is the fastest ticket from being stuck to becoming the version of you that creates and lives your best life. PSYCH-K® is a unique method for a precise and rapid mindset change at the subconscious level that replaces old limiting beliefs with new beliefs that support your goals directly. We got in touch with Elizabeth Stoian, facilitator of PSYCH-K® to know more about this unique approach and how one session can help change someone’s life completely.

Interviewer: What is PSYCH-K® and what does it do?

Elizabeth Stoian: PSYCH-K® is a way to re-write the subconscious programs we have that determine over 95% of our life through the automatic actions we take. We’re unaware of these beliefs that we have accumulated, especially in the first years of our life. They can be limiting us and keeping us stuck in self-sabotaging patterns that occur in our life over and over and over. We all have things we struggle with where we keep going around in circles and can’t seem to break through despite effort we put in. PSYCH-K® is a process that helps you change that programming to experience more ease, efficiency, progress, joy, peace in those areas of your life. PSYCH-K® is simply the fastest, most precise and easiest way to do so. PSYCH-K® goes to a new level to considerably expedite the transformation process for those that are looking beyond the standard, more time-consuming methods of visualization, affirmations, willpower, journaling, and positive thinking. It’s especially effective in the areas of stress reduction, behavioral/habit change, and emotional/ mental/ physical wellbeing. PSYCH-K®’s applications can optimize mindset in personal and professional relationships, business efficiency, flow, team dynamics, creative problem solving, finances, spirituality, etc.

Interviewer: What can I expect during a PSYCH-K® session?

Elizabeth Stoian: PSYCH-K® is a “do with”, not “do to” modality. That means that the PSYCH-K® facilitator does not do something to the paying partner (client). The PSYCH-K® facilitator holds sacred space for the paying partner’s inner wisdom to reveal itself. A PSYCH-K® session develops along with the following guidelines: having a conscious conversation about what is happening and what the paying partner (client) wants to experience instead. Underlying limiting beliefs are identified and new self-supported beliefs are formulated. This is a key step in PSYCH-K® as the subconscious mind communicates and understands beliefs distinctly from our conscious dialogue. PSYCH-K® facilitators are trained in how to properly formulate an efficient belief. Each new belief has a safely clause built-in so it can only be implemented for the paying partner’s (client’s) highest good. The PSYCH-K® protocol is then followed and the communication between the conscious and subconscious minds allows the conscious mind to implement a new program at the subconscious level. Determining an easy action step to activate the use of the new belief is recommended wherever possible. One or multiple beliefs can be implemented in one session. More is not necessarily better. Determining and working with root beliefs can have a better impact and ramifications in one’s life.

Interviewer: Will PSYCH-K® work for me?

Elizabeth Stoian: People find their way to PSYCH-K® because they want to develop themselves and live life on purpose rather than being at the mercy of previous conditioning. PSYCH-K® works to enable a “whole brain state”, which creates new potential for alternative options. Awareness of options enables free will to exist. We cannot exercise free will if we default to the same actions and responses. Implementing new subconscious beliefs opens up the possibilities of doing things with ease instead of struggle. PSYCH-K® works by opening up the possibilities for you to choose how to live your best life without automatic stressful responses. PSYCH-K® works to transform the perception of hardship, stress, frustration, helplessness, sadness, inability to create the life we want and other limitations into positive, possible, driven, exciting, joyful, fun experiences. PSYCH-K® works to get the subconscious beliefs on board with the conscious goals so taking self-supporting actions becomes natural and automatic.

Interviewer: Why do I need to work with a PSYCH-K® Facilitator and why can’t I do PSYCH-K® on my own?

Elizabeth Stoian: The conscious mind is where our free will sets goals, such as losing weight, meditating, expanding our business, reading a book, etc. We can read a book or take a class and learn that information at a conscious level. That does not automatically change our subconscious beliefs. It’s like reading a book about swimming. It does not mean that we subconsciously know how to swim. PSYCH-K® is not an informational process. It’s an experientially transformational process. That means that we follow the PSYCH-K® protocol to bridge the communication between the conscious mind and subconscious mind so we can take full advantage of our own highest potential. The protocol is facilitated by PSYCH-K® facilitators that were taught in person by experienced certified PSYCH-K® instructors who correct errors so the methodology can be facilitated with the integrity and the quality that ensures results. This training can only be done in person because the subtleties can make or break the efficiency and in order for the PSYCH-K® methodology to work, it has to be done correctly.

It is possible for one to do  PSYCH-K® with themselves by traveling to a live workshop to become a PSYCH-K® facilitator. As a  PSYCH-K® facilitator myself who works with my mindset regularly, I still book sessions with other facilitators because we all have blind spots. Those underdeveloped areas of ourselves are the source of our issues and the opportunities for growth.

Interviewer: How will I know if PSYCH-K® worked after a session?

Elizabeth Stoian: We become aware of internal issues by identifying the areas in our life that we are unhappy with, struggle with or work hard at. This is evidence of limiting beliefs in that area. We don’t become conscious of the results of our beliefs until those beliefs are called upon to be activated in a situation. For example, how would one know their fear of public speaking transformed into a fun experience by sitting at their desk where they’ve always been comfortable? Giving a toast, stepping up on stage to give a speech, giving a presentation, etc. are all examples that would consciously show you how the internal transformation is determining a better external outcome. How many ramifications can this have on your self-esteem, confidence, personal, social, professional and financial success to say the least? Being aware of the different automatic responses across our life shows how beliefs have ramifications in everything we do. One belief can change your life. A set of beliefs, called a mindset, can compound to a complete overhaul over time. Evidence becomes obvious as our experience and results change. These changes result in exponential improvements long term.

Interviewer: Describe your personal experience with PSYCH-K®?

Elizabeth Stoian: I’ve always been fascinated by success and failure and the determining factors. I was no stranger to mindset work and various practices but they took a long time, they were not easy and sometimes they were not as effective as I would want them to be. I also did not know what was holding me back or how to identify my limiting beliefs because they were the only way I knew. When I experienced my first balance as a PSYCH-K® paying partner (client) and I felt things shifted internally, I knew I had found the missing piece. I became a PSYCH-K® facilitator shortly after and my life changed course in the direction I always wanted. My energy increased, my confidence soared, the actions I’ve been taking have been paying off with desired results beyond my expectations and I’m overall happy, grateful, and joyful. I wake up every day excited about my day and I go to sleep knowing I accomplished something good. I am so honored to support those who are ready to transform themselves to create the lives they want to live.

Interviewer: What is the cost of a PSYCH-K® session/ package facilitated at PAX Integrity?

Elizabeth Stoian: The current rates are $300/ one on one online session (via Zoom video conference, open internationally) and packages of multiple sessions are available. They enable the scheduling of sessions ahead of time as they are on a first-come, first-serve basis otherwise. One session is a great start to address the most pressing, initial issues and following sessions are great for diving deeper as new beliefs surface by encountering life situations between sessions. For example if one wants to find a compatible romantic partner to create/ maintain a healthy/ fulfilling relationship, the first beliefs we could identify and transform would be that great partners are hard to find into one that makes it easy. As one experiences the dating scene, additional beliefs (worthiness, priorities, communication etc.) may surface that can now be transformed to fuel further self affirming actions. Transforming one’s mindset adds up to lasting positive changes. Most people benefit from a series of 5-10 sessions.

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