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2019 The 5th Shanghai International Hobby Craft Expo

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2019 The 5th Shanghai International Hobby Craft Expo

December 02
15:12 2019

Made-in-China Handicraft flourished in modern days.

A five-year journey of the Expo committed to pass on the ingenuity.

Intangible Cultural Heritage is adapting itself to the modern life, and the modern life is enriched by the creations. 

The 5th Shanghai International Hobby Craft Expo, hosted by Shanghai Public Art Collaborative Center (PACC), Shanghai YESBY.ME Information Technology Co., Lt and Shanghai Design Association, opened the curtain in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. It will be held from November 29th to December 1st, 2019.


The theme of this year’s Expo is focused on “Flourish the made-in-China handicraft”. It has invited more than 20 international exhibitors from Spain, Germany, Japan, France, Austria, and the United Kingdom, and planned to display and demonstrate over 80 domestic and foreign intangible cultural heritage craftsmanship including embroidery, weaving, patchwork, paper-making, and bamboo craftsmanship which widely attracted the attention of local citizens to experience the on-site activities. It also functions as the platform connecting the college education resources to serve the society. Through vivid and interesting craft skill on-site displays and experience activities, the Expo has built a platform to serve the creative transformation and innovative development of intangible cultural heritage dynamic inheritance.

The arena of the Expo will be divided into different sections to exhibit the skills and aesthetics from both contemporary hobby craft lovers and traditional intangible cultural heritages. They are: “The Ingenuity”, handicraft materials from traditional brands; Experience Courses; Designers; Intangible Cultural Heritage Poverty Alleviation; “Hai Pai” Shanghai-Style Intangible Cultural Heritage; Colleges Research and Training; Urban Studios; Handicraft Market; Flash-mod TED Talks. 

Highlight I: Handicraft courses – a light in the life

More than a thousand experience courses exploring craft skills from different aspects such as the intangible cultural heritage inheritor master courses, the exhibitor experience courses, and handicraft experience courses instructed by Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts graduate students are organized during the Expo, hoping to bring immersive experiences to the audience about the fun of handicraft.

Highlight II: Intangible Cultural Heritage Dynamic Inheritance and Poverty Alleviation

Over 60 intangible cultural heritage inheritors from Xinjiang, Qinghai, Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou, and other provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions pair-assisted by Shanghai were invited to attend the “Intangible Cultural Heritage Poverty Alleviation” section. Around 50 intangible cultural heritage skills from ethnic minorities such as Miao, Yi, Tibetan, Qiang, Tu, Hani, Bouyei, Salar, and Mongols are presented to the audience by live performances, exhibitions, sales and experiencing activities. Guided by the “Intangible Cultural Heritage Poverty Alleviation” concept, it has successfully increased the income of local people through the marketization of intangible cultural heritage products. It also reflected the cultural achievements of the pair-assistance from Shanghai in supporting the coordinated development of the east and west regions of China.

“Hai Pai” Shanghai-Style Intangible Cultural Heritage section focuses on the Jiangnan intangible cultural heritage which is famous for its fusion of the Eastern and Western cultures, demonstrating the charm of Shanghai urban handicraft of tolerance, inclusiveness and integration. The “Intangible Cultural Heritage Research and Training” presents the outstanding works and achievements in recent years from colleges participated in the China Intangible Cultural Heritage Training Program organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, as well as intangible cultural heritage derivative products created by the teachers and students.

Highlight III: Design for a better life

The Expo specially invited more than 10 designer brands from the Shanghai Design Association whose products covered various categories and full of innovations. The exhibitions from these brands vividly show a beautiful side of life from the creation of design. 

Highlight IV: International brands of handicraft materials gathered in the Expo

Several international professional handicraft materials suppliers are invited to participate the Expo that surprised and cheered the handicraft fans. These brands include, PRYM, German tycoon of Haberdasher with a history over 500 years; MARABU, German leading manufacturer of creative printing inks founded 160 years ago; POLYFORM, American manufacturer in marine buoys for over 50 years; and ALADINE, French purveyor of creative inks and mixed media.

Highlight V: Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance Transboundary Innovation.