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peaCURE Develops Liposomal Palmitoylethanolamide-Based Product with Improved Bioavailability for Safe Management of Pain and Inflammation

peaCURE Develops Liposomal Palmitoylethanolamide-Based Product with Improved Bioavailability for Safe Management of Pain and Inflammation

December 13
14:52 2019
Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) is an Endogenous, Natural Fatty Acid Amide. It is a Safe, Non-Addictive Pain Reliever, Anti-Inflammatory and Immune System Regulator Tested in more than 500 Studies. The Development of Liposomal peaCURE Greatly Increases Bioavailability of PEA, thus Bringing Its Efficacy to the Level Previously Deemed Impossible, while Preserving Its Inherent Safety.

Dover, USA – Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) is a fatty acid amide, an endogenous nuclear factor agonist that has impact over several nuclear receptors. It is typically characterized for its binding ability to these nuclear receptors (receptors in the cell-nucleus) and performs a variety of biological functions pertaining to chronic pain, excessive inflammation, and regulation of immune response and feeding. PEA does not only suppress pain directly, but it slowly treats pain by targeting its source. PEA helps regulate mast and glial cells, thus controlling the immune response, histamine release, allergies and various autoimmune diseases, while also maintaining homeostasis, helping form myelin, protecting neurons, insulating them from one another and providing them with nutrients and oxygen.

Aside from the mentioned health benefits of PEA, there are several other benefits of PEA-based products. There is no overdose level, no records of addiction, no side effects or allergic reactions and no negative interactions with drugs.

Our latest advancement in the production of PEA-based products has focused on improving purity, bioavailability, efficacy, and fostering and perpetrating further research on PEA. The latest rigorous research and developments in PEA products introduces Liposomal peaCURE – PEA in the form of a liquid taken orally and enhanced with liposomal delivery for a drastic improvement in bioavailability. Liposomal peaCURE ensures targeted and timed delivery and it protects the active content from oxidation, enzymes and stomach acid, which greatly affects bioavailability of any orally-taken medicine. The liposomal delivery method greatly increases absorption and bioavailability of PEA, thus reducing its buildup period and increasing efficacy. It noticeably improves bioavailability of palmitoylethanolamide by protecting it from the enzymes and stomach acid, delivering it directly to the cells that need it and, thanks to the biocompatibility of liposome and cell membranes, letting all of the active ingredient into the cell.

The importance of Liposomal peaCURE for the treatment of chronic pain and inflammation lies in the following combination:

The inherent characteristics of palmitoylethanolamide which is –

  • Tested in over 500 studies
  • Efficient against pain and inflammation
  • Completely safe for long-term use with no overdose levels, records of addiction or side effects

and the benefits of liposomal delivery system which –

  • Protects PEA from degradation in the digestive tract
  • Enables timed and targeted delivery
  • Ensures complete absorption through biocompatibility of liposome and cell membranes

Liposomal peaCURE combines the benefits of palmitoylethanolamide with the advanced liposomal delivery to provide unmatched results. Therefore, Liposomal peaCURE is the perfect PEA product, being efficient and completely safe, which can be used alongside drugs and is readily available with pharmaceutical grade purity.

About the Organization

peaCURE is a USA company that specializes in the development and production of advanced palmitoylethanolamide-based products in a GMP certified and FDA controlled facility which contains pure, pharmaceutical-grade palmitoylethanolamide (PEA). Their palmitoylethanolamide powder is sourced from a natural source through an enzymatic process, which results in PEA powder of pharmaceutical quality with not a single added taste modifier, pharmaceutical filler, or any other additive in the capsule form.

Liposomal peaCURE is the next step in improving the efficacy of PEA powder and therefore the perfect and safest pain reliever.

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Company Name: PeaCURE
Contact Person: Loren Higgins
Email: Send Email
Phone: +1 (704) 607-8452
Address:8 The Green Suite #6729
City: Dover
State: DE 19901
Country: United States

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