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The Next Fintech Ecosystem Evolution – UNIGRAM

The Next Fintech Ecosystem Evolution – UNIGRAM

December 16
02:44 2019
The Next Fintech Ecosystem Evolution - UNIGRAM
Innovative stablecoin from UNIHASH’s main chain technology, UNIGRAM, launches new features to enhance user experience

Within the field of blockchain, encrypted digital currencies are an indispensable product. The cryptocurrency frenzy back in 2017 has led to the creation of many types of encrypted digital currencies, which also caused the entire crypto-space to plummet due to the instability of cryptocurrencies. As a result, it has restricted cryptocurrencies from truly becoming a substitute for existing legal tenders. However, during this decline within the crypto-space, a risk aversion function was created in the likes of stablecoins.

What is a stablecoin? A stablecoin is essentially a cryptocurrency with a price stabilization mechanism. The birth of stablecoins is mainly due to the huge price fluctuations of cryptocurrency. Designed as a medium of exchange, it connects the world of cryptocurrency to the world of fiat currency. Simply put, stablecoins are pledged by fiat currencies. In general, stablecoins are more commonly set at a 1:1 ratio with the USD, and each stablecoin issued has a USD mortgaged at the bank. Within the world of cryptocurrency, “stablecoins” play a very important role and it is also said that stablecoins are the next trend in cryptocurrency.

What is UNIGRAM?

UNIGRAM is a stablecoin born from UNIHASH’s main chain technology. Its issuance is anchored at 1:1 with the USD, and it is supported via the purchase of highly liquid assets such as treasury bonds, government bonds, corporate bonds and various stable equity futures. UNIGRAM has gained the trust of clearing houses in Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and many other countries and uses UNIGRAM stablecoins to conduct transactions or to provide legal currency exchange services. UNIGRAM has also entered into collaboration with whereby the latter provides UnionPay Card services for the depositing of UNIGRAM into said cards. Thus offering its Users the convenience of utlitizing UNIGRAM worldwide, by way of UnionPay Cards.

Since the official launch of UNIGRAM, it has been successfully integrated into various application scenarios, contributing valuable data to the Unihash ecosystem. This includes the PGENE Trading Platform which has also created large transaction volumes since its inception. At present, tens of thousands of traders use the PGENE trading model to designate currencies and use UNIGRAM as a settlement currency through the G-POWER application, thus contributing large traffic to G-POWER as well. G-POWER operates within a pledging model whereby a new contract must be pledged via the designation of UNIGRAM in enabling the platform’s ultra-flow technology to run within in several major sectors. This initiative has successfully reached hundreds of thousands of Users in just 3 months.

In addition, the recently launched IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) platform, “INCUBATANK”, officially went live at 1200 hours on 26 November 2019, with its first fundraising project, “HASHBRID”, and its fundraising activity was conducted with UNIGRAM. The total fundraising amount for the IEO project came up to USD 5 million. Phase 1 of fundraising amounted to USD 1 million and was sold out in just 2 minutes of release. According to internal data, the data traffic created by the USD 1 million funds in just 2 minutes was an inflow of 8333.33 UNIGRAM per second. Phase 2 and 3 of “HASHBRID’s” fundraising also achieved immensely favourable results.

In addition, the Unihash Ecosystem shall also deploy STOs (Securities Token Offerings) via its STO platform, “STAX”, which has officially been launched in Australia. After the successful launch of “STAX”, it shall initiate linkages with global capital markets via the convergence of traditional financial markets and blockchain. The main takeaway here is that UNIGRAM shall be utilized as an investment currency for the STO sector!

The key highlight of UNIGRAM is that its value and key data are kept transparent. According to official data, since its official launch, the number of active UNIGRAM Users and active UNIGRAM blockchain addresses has reached 140,000 within a short period of time. As UNIGRAM relies on the entire ecological development of Unihash, this data is expected to continue thriving. Having a full-ecological layout enables UNIGRAM the full advantage of a currency, which contributes to the rapid growth in global Unihash fan-base. With the cooperation of’s services of depositing UNIGRAM into UnionPay Cards, Users may perform cash withdrawals via UnionPay ATMs located worldwide to exchange their UNIGRAM for fiat currency. The UnionPay Cards may also be utilized at POS machines, thus creating convenience for Users to spend their UNIGRAM globally via the usage of UnionPay Cards.

For more information, please visit – WWW.UNIG.IO 

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