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Eidelman and Associates Offers Professional Child Custody Mediation

Eidelman and Associates Offers Professional Child Custody Mediation

December 16
08:06 2019

Parents who are facing divorce know that ensuring their children are taking care of their first priority.  Divorce can be emotionally taxing on everyone involved and parents want to know that the well-being of their children is secure even through this difficult time.  Eidelman and Associates is a team of qualified lawyers who specialize in divorce and separation cases.  Receiving mediation services from the legal team can help parents make the proper arrangements for their children, which helps to reduce some of the stress that can come with divorce.  

Eidelman and Associates offers divorce mediation services that will reduce fighting and disagreements between divorcing spouses.  While people want to do what is best for their families, they still may be unsure about how to settle a divorce to ensure that the legal interests of both parties are protected and children have their basic needs meet.  With mediation, legal professionals can help divorcing couples find solutions that are beneficial for both spouses and ensure that everyone involved has the resources they need to care for their children.  Mediation keeps divorcing couples from trying to “win” and dispute and instead focuses on compromise and fair distribution of finances and assets.  

During the mediation process, the legal team will evaluate the divorce case to determine which decisions would serve the children best.  This includes making suggestions for child custody and giving each spouse a chance to weigh in.  For instance, if one parent has always stayed at home with the children while the other worked, the courts will likely advice that the custody arrangement remains as close to this as possible.  In this case, the parent who normally works outside of the home should provide financial support for the children, as well as alimony for the stay-at-home parent.  

If parents have an unconventional schedule due to their jobs and works nights or travel often, mediation services can help the parents come up with a customized parenting plan.  This helps ensure that one parent is not taking on too many responsibilities while the other parent is not doing his/her part to care for the children.  Mediators can also help divorcing spouses make the proper arrangements for parents who are in the military so that children are cared for during a parent’s deployment.  

Divorcing parents may also need assist with determining who will show up and provide guidance for children’s extracurricular activities.  While both parents may want to attend special events for their children, the courts may have to step in to order one parent to attend sporting or school events without interacting with the other parent if this is what is best for the child.  

If a child has special needs, parenting can be a challenge, even when a couple is married and living in the same home.  However, when a couple divorces, determining who will provide the majority of the care and take care of the medical bills can be difficult without a mediator.  

When couples choose mediation, it can be easy for them to reach a consensus on important issues surrounding their divorce instead of fighting in court.  Mediation can be much less stressful, take less time than court hearings and costs much less, which is why the process is appealing to many couples who have decided to end their marriage. 

For more information on Eidelman and Associates and the work the firm does to assist in divorce and child custody cases, visit or call 610-437-7850.

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