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Breedlove Firm Helps Clients Organize Wills and Successions

Breedlove Firm Helps Clients Organize Wills and Successions

December 16
08:08 2019

Lawyers take on several tasks for clients, and not only of them involve going directly to court.  Organizing wills and succession and making these legal documents often requires the help of a lawyer.  When a person knows how he/she wants assets to be divided among loved ones, this helps the owner of the will organize his/her finances.  A will and/or succession can make the process of financial planning much easier for families.  Once the will is in plain writing and is legally binding, this will also cut down on conflict, especially if family members feel they are certain assets or accounts they should have access to.  

The truth is that estate planning and succession is a complicated aspect of law.  Louisiana is a state that enforces forced heirship, but this concept can be challenging, particularly for blended families.  The conflict surrounding wills usually escalates during emotionally taxing times.  Often, families fight about who is entitled to property, money and other valuable assets after the owner of the will has passed away.  This is why having an experienced and professional attorney to turn to is important.  Legal representation ensures that family members are receiving what was outlined for them in the will and that the wishes of the deceased are carried out as accurately and quickly as possible.   

Pamela Breedlove of the Breedlove law firm has extensive experience working with families who want to draft wills or manage their successions.  Disputes can arise among relatives about sentimental items, and there are often instances in which the family business is at stake.  Mediation is best in many of these cases so that family members can come to an agreement as peacefully as possible.  However, there are times when mediation is not an option for resolving will and succession issues.  Breedlove also has litigation experience and she will fight for her clients in court if necessary.  This is especially important when a family member’s rights are at stake.  

In addition to wills and succession cases, Pamela Breedlove is also experienced with mediation when it comes to family law and the division of assets.  There are times when the terms of a will come into question after a couple divorces.  Sometimes, people are raised with stepparents who completely assume a parental role in a person’s life.  However, the stepparent may have to prepare special documents to ensure that stepchildren will receive funds or property as indicated in the stepparent’s will.  

Breedlove conducts family and civil mediation services at a neutral location to ensure that everyone involves is comfortable and does not feel as if the lawyer is being partial to one party.  Both parties will share their concerns and Breedlove will work with the clients to come up with a fair solution for everyone involved.  Of course, all mediation outcomes must be legal and in keeping with national and state regulations.  When an agreement is reached in mediation, Breedlove will draft paperwork for both parties to sign.  

For more information on Breedlove Law Firm and to schedule a consultation, contact Pamela Breedlove at 318-423-0845 or visit

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