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PubHTML5 Launches Digital Newspaper Software for Creating Online Newspapers

PubHTML5 Launches Digital Newspaper Software for Creating Online Newspapers

December 17
10:54 2019
PubHTML5 Launches Digital Newspaper Software for Creating Online Newspapers
The software helps publishers create online newspapers incorporated with rich multimedia elements such as videos, animations, music, logos, and more.

PubHTML5, the most sought-after software developer in China, recently launched digital newspaper software for creating online newspapers. The company allows publishers to provide real-time news and information to many readers online. They can take advantage of the software’s flexibility to incorporate their brand colors, backgrounds, videos, music, images, hyperlinks, animations, and logos in their newspapers. The newspapers created at PubHTML5 can be edited, modified, and updated easily to meet the market requirements.

PubHTML5 helps publishers create real-time content about events, news, entertainment, fun, and more to keep readers updated with current information. The tools provided can be used to ensure that audiences have a comfortable reading experience. With zooming and bookmarking effects, readers will be able to bookmark pages for later use. PubHTML5 provides digital bookcases where users can store all their newspaper editions for ease of access and archiving. The digital newspapers are integrated with search buttons to help readers find the specific information they need quickly.

“Our new version of digital newspaper software has plenty of advanced features to make newspapers more appealing and interactive,” said Anna Lee, Chief Designer of PubHTML5. “They also allow readers to subscribe to daily editions and be updated with current news regularly. They can also archive old editions to refer to content that was already published before. The page flipping effect helps with smooth navigation through the different pages of the paper.

PubHTML5 can create e-newspapers that are optimized for PC and mobile access. Audiences can access them any time to read their favorite editions and sections. When new stories come up, users can update their newspapers even after publishing them on the PubHTML5 platform. Their newspapers can be monetized by integrating features such as shopping icons, call to action functionalities, hotspots, and other elements.

Users can easily engage their audiences in discussions to share views and collect feedback that will help improve future newspapers. PubHTML5 has always supported its clients by upgrading its software to help improve their performance online. Now users have access to advanced features that can help them impress readers through beautifully designed newspapers. This will also help them build their brands and improve their online exposure.

For more information, please visit PubHTML5’s website.

About PubHTML5

PubHTML5 is a reliable digital publishing software provider who offers competitive software products to various industries. Their software comes with advanced features that help to expedite the process of creating newspapers. Users use the newspapers to improve their marketing techniques online.

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