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Fat Bikes and Mountain Bikes Can Take People Further Into the Unknown

Fat Bikes and Mountain Bikes Can Take People Further Into the Unknown

January 23
17:34 2020

With some of the forests and beaches of Canada considered among the top 20 places to visit in the world, it seems there are acres of unexplored wilderness out there ready to be discovered. To really experience the natural terrain and unspoiled landscapes, there are few better ways than to get on a fat bike or mountain bike and get that bit closer to nature.

For some adventurers, cycling cross country is as much about the social aspect as it is the sightseeing and with the right kind of rugged equipment there is little need to be concerned about the adverse weather. With professional mountain bike standards hitting record-breaking levels, it is an inspiring time for everyday people to think of taking up the exciting riding of a fat bike or mountain bike.

Want to save money and the environment? Try cycling

Compared to a car, owning and maintaining a fat bike or mountain bike is cheap – with no fuel, insurance, road tax and expensive repairs to pay for. And there is a considerable bonus in the health benefits – in financial terms this is equally welcome, with the average costs of obesity and general inactivity thought to be costing the health service billions of dollars each year. Economic productivity is also affected, with billions lost as a result of physical inactivity.

Jumping on a fat bike or mountain bike is also kinder to the environment. There are no polluting emissions from such bikes and this is also welcome news, as greenhouse gases from car and truck exhausts are proving a bigger problem than ever around the world.

Getting off the beaten track with fat bikes and mountain bikes

Those wanting to use their mountain bike or fat bike to fulfil their sense of adventure stand to benefit from major technological advances in cycling. Mountain bikes and fat bikes in particular are constantly being reengineered to withstand even harsher levels of weather and rugged terrain, opening up more of the landscape for exploration all year round. Speed and manoeuvrability are also being enhanced to ensure the bikes are as dynamic as they are strong.

“Cycling is something that has never really gone away in terms of popularity, but the desire to really get away from it all seems to be driving a surge in interest for fat bikes and mountain bikes,” says a spokesperson for RSD Bikes, a Toronto company that scopes and builds bespoke fat bikes and mountain bikes for cycling enthusiasts.

“Technology has hit saturation point for many people and they are increasingly looking for fulfilling experiences elsewhere. Canada is a huge country with miles of unexplored terrain – and for anyone wanting to get up close to that untamed nature, there is no better way than on a fat bike or mountain bike.”

Cycling boosts physical and mental health

Budding cyclists will be interested to know that studies have drawn strong links between heightened activity like cycling and the prevention of conditions such as blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and obesity. These benefits are also felt in mental health, with the exploration of the great outdoors providing busy working people with a getaway from that persistent ‘fight or flight’ mode.

About RSD Bikes

RSD Bikes has operated since 2012 and is based in Toronto, Ontario. With shipping available beyond Canada and the US, RSD Bikes can provide partly-assembled bikes and separate bike parts to keen riders around the world.

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