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MTCore – a new green and innovative mining

MTCore – a new green and innovative mining

February 18
18:44 2020
MTCore - a new green and innovative mining

MTCore is a project that was born from the experience of more than 10 years of software development for the financial and trading market. Our goal is to solve the crypto market main problems.

Our goal is to solve the main existing problems in the crypto market. 

• MTCore markets technology for the crypto market, accessible to all users, even those who have never heard talk about this market; 

• MTCore offers the possibility to participate in a movement that until now was only possible to the millionaires.

We intend to benefit from decentralized technology while maintaining centralized value. MTCore sells technology for the crypto market, accessible to all users, even those who have never heard of this market. It also brings the possibility of participating in a movement that until now was only accessible to millionaires.

We create solutions

  • Simple and safe system for the user

  • Innovative system with high technology

  • Free Transactions

  • Advantages and discounts of MTCore holders

MTCore Real Benefits

Technology changes the world at high speed, we work for the present and the future, since younger generations look at the market in a more free and disruptive way, without lobbies. Instead of results based on speculation and promises of unsustainable revenues, MTCore has created a system based on real benefits for its users.

Read more about the MTCore benefits here:

Revolutionary Concept – Bideration

The creators of MTCore have developed BIDERATION, which utilises a new and revolutionary POB (Proof-of-Bid) software mining system. MTCore developers have made the BIDERATION process viable as a lower energy consumption system, making it a sustainable financial asset resource. For users the benefit of this simple and very controllable mining method allows for accurate calculations thereby removing any unexpected outcome to the currency acquisition process.

The concept of Bideration is a process accessible to all which consists of the acquisition of MTCore through an algorithm. The process of distribution and acquisition of MTCore is done through software available on the MTCore wallet and BIDs that will give access to currencies.

The focus of Bideration is to replace: 

  • The unsustainable by sustainable 

  • Speculation by the real economy 

  • The investment asset by utility 

  • Manipulation by democracy 

  • The Lobbies for equality 

Sustainable Energy Consumption

The global use of high-powered energy devices and the concern surrounding production waste with high-energy consumption has become the burden of all. MTCore has taken a forward step in providing a responsible lightweight system where the process utilises a consumable BIDS software algorithm in place of hardware energy consumption.

The software package supersedes the hardware mining apparatus and is available on PC and android phone devices.

Increased Financial Viability

One of the major factors affecting the financial sustainability of the conventional mining systems is the high charge of powering the equipment, which in effect continues to increase the cost and lower the value of the digital currency.

MTCore utilises BIDERATION software without added impingement of operational energy costs. Therefore, the viability of the digital currency is real face value.

The liquidity of the currency comes from the BIDs sale, 80% of the value of the BIDs sale is the equivalent of the currency, divided into two parts, EUR and USD and Investments.

Mtcore Digital Asset With Real Value

MTCore is a hybrid stable coin with real physical value: 55% pegged against fiat currency Euro/Dollar and 45% held in a certified custodial bank deposit.

The value of MTCore is therefore, based on user influence through a democratic voting system where the digital currency enjoys financial stability and economic freedom based on market trading and investment.

Mtcore Software Technology

The BIDERATION software principal function is to deliver bids to the POB process and generate MTCore (digital coin).


The BIDERATION system receives coded BIDS, which are then validated, through MTCore public wallet to the User Wallet.

Choose a better alternative. Choose a new, green and innovative mining system. Choose MTCore. 


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