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Cannabidiol Life is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Grocery Stores Nationwide

Cannabidiol Life is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Grocery Stores Nationwide

March 04
18:04 2020
Cannabidiol Life is utilizing Mr. Checkout\'s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Grocery Stores Nationwide

Cannabidiol Life, a leader in the CBD product space, closes the gap between safety and quality, delivering a trusted solution for the wholesaler, retailer and end-consumer. “Experience The Difference” defines the quality standards and the lengths Cannabidiol Life goes to in producing the highest quality CBD products, focused on consumer safety in every step of the process.

Cannabidiol Life, a hemp-derived cannabinoid company who serves Hemp wholesalers, retailers & consumers in search of the highest quality CBD products and CBD education, proudly announces their partnership with Mr. Checkout Distributors. Mr. Checkout has product distribution in over 60 major retail outlets and manages 13 industry associations with over 150,000 independent retail members. In partnering with Mr. Checkout, Cannabidiol Life aims to introduce an indomitable, fully compliant, outstanding product line to new markets, expanding reach and increasing brand awareness; with a strong focus on becoming a household name in wellness. Through this partnership, Cannabidiol Life and Mr. Checkout will bring to market the highest quality CBD brand, raising the bar for quality, safety and education in the hemp space.

The Hemp industry has a rapidly growing market of both supply & demand for exceptional, compliant CBD products and educational content. Cannabidiol Life is proud to offer the most comprehensive education database, patented extraction method, safety standards and USDA certified organic product line that exemplifies the excellence of a quality brand; from seed to shelf, to a burgeoning, yet still young industry that continues to grow by leaps and bounds every day.

Cannabidiol Life focuses on the experience of the consumer and as part of the mission, strives to make each & every experience exceptional. In addition to the main site,, Cannabidiol Life also offers products through a unique site,, where consumers can personalize any Cannabidiol Life product for friends and family, giving the gift of health & wellness. Another endeavor lies in the new unique artisanal gummy formulations coming online, that are designed specifically with diabetics, the sleep deficient and the chronically ill in mind. Some of these formulations can be found on our newest site,

We don’t stop at quality products and processes. At Cannabidiol Life, we live by our philosophy: People, Planet, Profit. We focus on helping People first; shown in the quality of products, safety standards and educational content released. In addition, we have created the “Hemp For Hope Foundation”, providing free CBD capsules to those with proven medical conditions. Planet; Hemp is a renewable, natural resource that will help preserve our planet for future generations. Cannabidiol Life is a lifestyle, therefore we have gone one step further by adding solar energy to our Florida fulfillment facility as part of our green initiatives. Profit; In order to continue doing great work, a company must profit. By providing high quality products at a fair value, we are able to make a slow and steady profit while focusing on long term growth & impact. Then we reinvest in the former, People & Planet. We plan on being here for the long haul!

Ultimately, the safety of the consumer is first priority. “In an industry with so many cottage-style CBD companies popping up left and right, the consumer is owed increased transparency, education and a focus on safety & quality,” says Cannabidiol Life COO, Zachary Keeney. Hand in hand with Mr. Checkout’s vast network, Cannabidiol Life aims to be the driver of quality and safety as the CBD industry continues to explode worldwide.

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