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WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) Focuses on AI Vision Cloud Service Competing with Google and Microsoft

WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) Focuses on AI Vision Cloud Service Competing with Google and Microsoft

April 10
21:05 2020


As a global technology giant, Google and Microsoft have been working in the field of artificial intelligence for a long time. Whether it is academic achievements or industrial applications, there are also reports about them. However, what people seldom talk about is that they also use AI technology to improve the advertising revenue. In fact, Google, Microsoft and other Internet giants did not disclose much detail about the operation of their advertising business. Microsoft, Google and Alibaba all used in-depth learning to predict the click through rate of advertising, and made significant profits here. This machine learning technology also attracted the attention of AI investment field.


Cloud computing is a system platform with huge scale and complex technology. How to carry out safe and efficient operation, maintenance and management of all kinds of software and hardware resources distributed in data centers around the world not only involves huge resource investment, but also involves whether the business systems and services of hundreds of millions of customers can run smoothly, expand flexibly and meet business needs at any time. Microsoft azure currently serves 58 regions around the world and is the most extensive public cloud in the world. In order to maximize the utilization of cloud computing resources and optimize the overall operation level of the cloud platform, the azure team and researchers of Microsoft Research Institute began to think about how to use machine learning to predict and optimize the resource allocation of azure.

And the holographic AI cloud service of WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) is unique in the industry. In the existing cloud service market, technology giants occupy the majority, and building cloud services based on artificial intelligence will become the next main battlefield of the giants. AI is an upgrade of information infrastructure and a huge engine for future industrial development. The giants want to seize a large number of opportunities in the upgrading process and empower the whole industry. Second, open source is an open innovation. Through the open-source deep learning platform, it can not only attract a large number of developers, but also provide a large number of data support for machine learning, as well as a large number of real-world scenarios.

WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) has integrated the identity of holographic AI cloud mobile software developer, service provider and operator, and has also become one of the leading holographic AI integration platforms in the world. More than 4654 holographic content IP reserves are in technical reserve, and leading enterprises in the industry are subdivided. The technology of each link is mature, the number of customers is 485, and the number of holographic AR patents is 224, including 132 patents and 92 pending patents. The technology is becoming more mature. Its business application scenarios are mainly concentrated in five professional fields, such as home entertainment, light theater, performance system, commercial publishing system and advertising display system.

In the future, new algorithms will emerge one after another, but deep learning will not be replaced. No substitution doesn’t mean that the deep learning theory has been perfect and become the cornerstone of other disciplines. The development of technology has a strong continuity, and few theories have been completely subverted. Like today’s capsule network, meta learning. On the surface, they are far from the original deep learning network model. But in depth, in fact, they are using some techniques of deep learning to construct new architectures. The main reason why we are not satisfied today is that what artificial intelligence has done at present can only stay in the assistance of a single problem, and it is impossible to have real innovation or even become the assistance of complex problems. Next, there will be a lot of work to propose different algorithms based on different perspectives. We still look forward to a unified framework. However, the current situation is that the more single perspective, the better the effect may be. After all, the choice of perspective is equivalent to human knowledge, which is equivalent to simplifying the learning difficulty of neural network.

In the era of AI, China and the United States fully realize the importance of artificial intelligence, and comprehensively support artificial intelligence enterprises from talents to policies. The improvement of national strength comes from the innovation of science and technology enterprises. The United States is in a leading position with absolute strength, and China’s AI vision enterprises such as NASDAQ (WIMI) are also preparing for development. Chinese enterprises will also have the opportunity to become the trendsetters in the AI era.

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