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Fragasso Financial Advisors Offers Guidance on Investment Concerns During Coronavirus Pandemic

Fragasso Financial Advisors Offers Guidance on Investment Concerns During Coronavirus Pandemic

April 20
09:05 2020
The uncertainty brought on by the recent wave of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has many investors considering their options regarding investment choices. With these legitimate questions bellied by investors, the team at Fragasso Financial Advisors, a Pittsburgh-based financial planning and investment firm, strives to proactively educate their clients and constituents with time-tested investment principles and by applying these philosophies to forward-looking investment concerns.

Pittsburgh, PA Putting the current market situation in perspective, the financial advisors at Fragasso Financial Advisors, using past data and facts, are able to remind investors that the stock market is cyclical. The market has never crashed without rising, and this gives hope to investors who are at the moment scared and uncertain about the future of their investments.

The primarily fee-based group of Fragasso indicates that “while the future is not guaranteed, history is our best guide as there are truly no new paradigms; they only come back around dressed somewhat differently colored by the current world context. So, the conversation correctly centers on the expectations for and timetable of the eventual recovery and what might impact your finances in the meantime.”

Projecting the chances of market and investment recovery, the investment advisors cite the more recent Great Recession that covered 2007 to 2009 leading to the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of 1929 to 1932, in both cases which the market bounced back and went on to significant positive returns.

Added to this, the response of the market and investments to major economic downturns caused by World War 1, the Spanish Flu epidemic, World War II, the Korean War, the oil embargo of 1973, the crash of 1987, the Dot Com bubble burst of 2000, the devastating September 11 attacks and more have pointed that the impact of the novel coronavirus on the economy is one that is expected to fade while the market is expected to recover from the hit.

Fragasso Financial Advisors, Pittsburgh financial planners, points out that when portfolios are balanced between fixed income and equity sectors, dips aren’t as pronounced as a 100 percent equity portfolio. Added to this, portfolios that are asset allocated means that no one sector of the economy or world’s economy should exert undue influence on the investor’s portfolio outcome, another reason to rest assured of protected interests and investments.

The intervention of the government and congress to infuse significant capital into the economy, shoring up large and smaller businesses that have been hit by the national and local shutdown, is also expected to make a positive difference while spurring market recovery.

As the adage goes “this too shall pass”, and the team at Fragasso Financial Advisors reminds those who are several or many years away from retirement that the market recovery in the coming years will soften the memory of this hard hit on the economy. Retirees are, however, advised to fashion their income payments such that the impact of the market downturn will remain minimal on their investment.

Fragasso Financial Advisors encourages investors and the general public to seek the help and expertise of a financial advisor regarding their specific situations.

About Fragasso Financial Advisors

Fragasso Financial Advisors, Inc. is an independent, employee-owned, primarily fee-based investment management and financial planning firm serving individuals, institutions and non-profit organizations.  Founded in 1972, the firm today has $1.5 billion assets under management and non-advisory assets. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, the firm has additional offices in Wexford, Bethel Park, McMurray and in Beaver.

Investment advice offered through Fragasso Financial Advisors, a registered investment advisor. Fragasso Financial Advisors, 610 Smithfield Street, Suite 400, Pittsburgh, PA 15222.

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