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Shinsung TK Co., Ltd. Participates In ‘Arab Health 2020’, The Largest Medical Device Exhibition In The Middle East

Shinsung TK Co., Ltd. Participates In ‘Arab Health 2020’, The Largest Medical Device Exhibition In The Middle East

April 22
12:14 2020

Shinsung TK Co., Ltd a company specializing in IoT (Internet of Things) based healthcare systems, participated in the ’45th Dubai International Medical Equipment Exhibition (Arab Health2020)’ held at the Dubai World Trade Center from January 27 to 30 this year.

Arab Health, representing more than 159 countries, is an international medical exhibition that provides businesses with various opportunities to reach new and potential customers around the world. During the exhibition, Shinsung TK Co., Ltd. made a positive result with 45 countries around the world visiting its booth. Through this exhibition, the technological excellence of the IoT-based IV infusion monitoring system ‘iRinger’ was recognized globally, and not only has it collaborated with various companies around the world, confirming its potential as a partner, but it is also known to have played a major role in technology development by identifying the needs of the investors and understanding the market of each country.

‘iRinger’, an IoT (Internet of Things) based Smart IV Infusion Monitoring System is an excellent technology that uses a wireless network to inform nurses and medical personnel outside the hospital ward on fluid infusion through smartphone apps or PC web and automatically calculates the amount/speed of fluid input (cc/hr). Also, it provides an alarm (sound/vibration) through a smart call (automatic transmission) when an anomaly occurs.

Shinsung TK Co., Ltd. has been participating in the health care exhibition annually since 2016, promoting its product technology continuously to establish its position in the overseas medical market. Recently, as issues on the non-face-to-face treatment of corona became significant, the use of ‘iRinger’ is expected.

Eunseop Lim, the CEO of Shinsung TK Co., Ltd. announced that “Based on the ‘IoT-based remote infusion monitoring technology’ developed through continuous technology investment and innovation, the company plans to expand the technology in the form of a smart healthcare platform that measures not only the infusion, but also the patient’s body temperature and pulse, temperature and humidity, and urine volume in the future.”

Meanwhile, Shinsung TK Co., Ltd. signed an MOU agreement with the Malaysian company ‘LKL’ in 2019. It will participate in the Medicine 4.0 conference with ‘LKL’ at Malaysia’s Matrade Convention Center for two days in the upcoming August 8th – 9th, to showcase its technology.

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