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Ontario digital marketing company Clever Marketing helping eCommerce businesses to attain 3x-10x ad returns

Ontario digital marketing company Clever Marketing helping eCommerce businesses to attain 3x-10x ad returns

May 12
02:45 2020
Clever Marketing is offering training on the Octopus Marketing method which helps ecommerce businesses to run a multi-pronged ad campaign online that can offer up to 10x ROI.

Richmond Hill, Ontario – May 12, 2020 – News for online stores struggling to garner high ROI from ad campaigns. Leading Ontario-based digital marketing company, Clever Marketing, is currently offering training on a revolutionary marketing method that will help eCommerce businesses to attain 3x-10x returns on ad spends. The breakthrough marketing method will also guide ecommerce outlets to scale up their businesses even in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic.

The training session is available online for all ecommerce businesses and any virtual store online.

What separates Clever Marketing’s training session from other regular marketing training sessions around is its next-gen “The Octopus Method”. As the name says, this advanced marketing method encompasses a holistic range of ad campaigns to strengthen the online presence of a brand in every way possible. From Facebook to Google to YouTube to IG to Snapchat- the Octopus Method teaches businesses to deliver their advertising campaigns in all these channels for the broadest possible reach.

“We will teach you how to leverage the presence of your brand online through our unique multi-pronged advertising approach a.k.a. The Octopus Method. The online world is vast and varied and you have multiple competitors all over. In such cut-throat competition, your brand should be omnipresent all across the online world to ensure easy visibility and exposure before each of your target niche, on any online platform. This is where our Octopus Method will be your guiding light”, stated Pierce Grimes and Adam Dahan, digital marketing experts and the men behind Clever Marketing.

Over the last 4 years, Clever Marketing has started and launched multiple successful eCommerce stores themselves and have helped 3 other eCommerce businesses scale their sales to 7 figures.

Here is a video testimonial of an eCommerce business owner who has experienced huge success through Clever Marketing’s breakthrough marketing method –

“Our innovative Octopus Method is strategically designed to help you place your ad campaigns on all popular online channels so that you can enjoy wider visibility. Greater visibility will eventually increase potential of conversion and reward with higher returns on your ad spends. We promise you minimum 3x-10x returns on your ad spends through our revolutionary Octopus Method and that too virtually without any risk.”

Clever Marketing’s Marketing Training Method will help eCommerce businesses to –

  • Gain access to 3 proven Ad frameworks that have shown success in any niche
  • Enjoy better results with ad campaigns than what is experienced with 99% other regular digital marketing agencies
  • Receive seasoned guidance on making it big with business despite hard times like the current COVID-19 pandemic

“We promise you proven and time-tested strategies only in our training program. The Octopus Method is the most effective and the fastest way to scale your eCommerce business to $100,000+/mo in sales. Our expert training will show you the key to enhance online store conversions big time. You will also learn to retarget website visitors on different channels and dominate your market presence like a boss.”

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