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JURA – DATO team donates protective equipment to aid hospitals amid coronavirus outbreak

JURA – DATO team donates protective equipment to aid hospitals amid coronavirus outbreak

June 12
11:03 2020

Jura, a company specializing in creating highly advanced, secure distributed ledger technology has announced that it acquired DATO AI Technology, a company that specializes in IoT technology and high-end, luxury smart devices. This acquisition will serve both companies by merging smart home goods products such as cameras, security systems, and other SMART home devices with advanced security technology designed to protect the private information of customers.

As their first act as a newly merged company Jura and Dato AI are giving aid to emergency centers in the form of donating protective equipment to hospitals, including Elmhurst Hospital. As many hospitals are dwindling in supplies during the pandemic, the two companies have pledged to aid them by donating emergency supplies in order to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus both to and from hospital workers. DATO AI’s main office is in the middle of the crisis center, in the heart of wall street, and they are acutely aware of the hardships that this crisis has wrought on the struggling healthcare systems. 

A JURA representative commented, “The healthcare systems are struggling to meet the needs of the hospital workers. Protective masks are needed to reduce the risk of infection, and they are a necessity to the brave hospital workers. They need proper protective equipment in order to do their job and save lives. It is up to everyone who is capable of helping to do their best to combat this virus as a community. Whether you’re donating, or just staying at home in self isolation, we are all still fighting together.”

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