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Diversity in Design Arts and Architecture 2020 moves their annual event and exhibition summer series completely online

Diversity in Design Arts and Architecture 2020 moves their annual event and exhibition summer series completely online

June 22
03:39 2020
E-Summit focuses on diversity in design arts and architecture from a multi-cultural perspective i.e. “Caribbean Resiliency” during Caribbean American Heritage Month.

Fort Lauderdale, FL – June 22, 2020 – Diversity in Design Arts and Architecture, an annual event and exhibition on diversity and representation of culture in design, arts and architecture, despite the global pandemic. The 2020 Summer Series is themed “Caribbean Resiliency” and will be held from June 24, 2020 to July 1, 2020 in a livestreaming E-Summit format. This will be a multi-cultural, multi-generational (Kid’s day & Career Day) and multi-level experience filled with engaging conversations, expert presenters, an exhibit and an expo for established professionals and emerging creatives. Host Marsha McDonald (Jamaica) seeks to elevate the conversation, engage in representation, and educate future creatives about opportunities in the professions. 

Student Work: Kenyata Burt (St. Kitts and Nevis) Caribbean School of Architecture, Jamaica

Since 2016, Marsha has been active in the South Florida and Caribbean communities as the creator of Diversity in Design Arts and Architecture Talk series; creator of the Caribbean Culinary Museum (co-produced for Taste the Islands Events); committee member of the Delevoe Legacy and speaker/organizer of numerous art-focused and cultural events. Past topics she has spoken on regarding diversity include: Black Aesthetics; Black Art, Architecture and Design; and Women in Design and Architecture. 

“Diversity is the cultural currency of our region and resiliency is its backbone.”  – Marsha McDonald, M.Arch (Host) 

Marsha McDonald (Interior Designer)

Mark Raymond (Architect)

  • Co-host for E-Summit, David Brown, Urban Tour Host of the Sustain-a -Village will conduct a featured Urban Tour for design enthusiast!   
    • E-Summit speakers include Architect Dr. Patricia E. Green (Jamaica), UNESCO HUL Chair (Small Island States), former Dean of the Caribbean School of Architecture, Utech, Jamaica and Historic Preservationist; Architect Thomas Spiegelhalter (Germany); Mark Raymond (Trinidad); Architect Patrick Stanigar (Jamaica);  Architect Marcos Barinas Uribe (Dominican Republic) and Architect David Benjamin (US, Norway)

    • Along with interior design professionals Israel Mapp (Barbados), Nicole Holmes (Trinidad), Sarah C. Wilson (St Lucia) and many others. 

    • Student presenters such as Kessie Estil (Haiti), recent graduate from FAU, USA;    Kenyata Burt (St. Kitts and Nevis) and Roni-Kaye McLaren (Jamaica) both recent graduates from the Utech, Jamaica will participate in the career day component of the E-Summit.

    • Finally, the E- Summit features a virtual exhibit using 3D visualization on “Building Memories” for design and architectural lovers to learn about Caribbean Culture and Creatives through Caribbean Architecture and Design.

Even though the event will be livestreamed, and presenters are globally located, we are connected by a love for Caribbean Culture, Caribbean Architecture and Design. All attendees are welcome to join the discussions especially during our chime in sessions for Q & A. There will also be an Expo of design and décor items, products as well as access to a Business Directory for professional services. 

To register for complimentary tickets to the summer series, visit Sponsorship and free expo opportunities are also available for this unique showcase of diversity in design arts and architecture.

About Diversity in Design Arts and Architecture

Diversity in Design Arts and Architecture Series began in 2016 as community focused Initiative from Seacrest Designs, Inc. to facilitate forward facing discussions on diversity, culture and representation in Interior Design and Architecture.

About Seacrest Designs

Seacrest Designs, Inc. is a luxury design studio focused on well-living and well-being with comprehensive and customized design solutions. Seacrest Designs’ CEO, Marsha McDonald, M.Arch, is an architectural designer, whose pre-doctoral research focused on Culture, Community and Caribbean Spaces. We serve clients and corporations locally and globally via E-Design services.

About Sustain a Village

Sustain A Village™ is a one stop service center providing management support services for the non-profit sector, government (ministries and agencies), community-based organizations and academic institutions globally using a consultative approach. Sustain a Village’s CEO, David Brown, Urban Tour Host, provides local tours and insights as he showcases South Florida’s communities. 

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Marsha McDonald
Seacrest Designs, Inc.

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