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Sweet Escape Cosmetics Launches New Cosmetics, Lipsticks and Fragrance

Sweet Escape Cosmetics Launches New Cosmetics, Lipsticks and Fragrance

June 23
00:28 2020

The increasing demand for clean yet affordable cosmetics with natural ingredients has prompted veteran beauty industry insider, Portia to create Sweet Escape Cosmetics. Sweet Escape Cosmetics is a beauty line that is widely renowned for producing elegant yet affordable cosmetics such as lipsticks, eyes shadows, liplustre and fragrance for anyone who wants to look great and awesome each day.

As a brand that is synonymous with quality beauty products, Sweet Escape Cosmetics is highly committed to making high-quality beauty products that deliver luxurious, flawless glamour so that user can always stay fresh, beautiful, never caught unaware and selfie-ready. Sweet Escape Cosmetics’ products are 100% non-toxic, natural and formulated with necessary vitamins, minerals, and organic ingredients that have been scientifically proven to boost the health of users’ skin and make them glow.

Unlike other cosmetics brands’ products, every beauty product by Sweet Escape Cosmetics is a product that is carefully designed for 21st-century living. Some of the genuinely clean beauty products by Sweet Escape cosmetics that are designed to make modern women more dynamic, confident yet flawless include Flirt Lip Kit, Lemon Bar Body Mist, Mulberry Lip Kit, Naked Lip Kit, Peach Muscat Lip Lustre, Peach Prosecco Body Mist, Pineapple Papaya Body Mist and many more. By visiting the official website of the brand, one can easily order any of the following beauty products from Sweet Escape Cosmetics at an affordable price:

  • Lip Kits
  • Lip Lustre
  • Eyeshadow Palettes
  • Fragrances

At Sweet Escape Cosmetics, we are simply on a mission to create beauty products that enhance every lady’s natural beauty, provide flawless coverage, and benefit their skin at the same time,”  said Portia, the CEO of Sweet Escape Cosmetics.   “We believe everyone, regardless of color of their skin, creed, social status or location should have untethered access to clean yet affordable beauty products such as lipsticks, fragrance, liplustre and many and that is why we have made our cosmetics fun, skin-friendly and affordable,” she concluded.

Furthermore, the sweet and candy-bakery themed of Sweet Escape Cosmetics products ensures sweet and inviting smell, which boosts the aura of each user. This makes every beauty product made by Sweet Escape Cosmetics a product that every fashion-conscious individual must possess. This is because lipsticks made by Sweet Escapes Cosmetics can stay on the user’s lip for a longer time without the person having to reapply. Even when a user drinks or eats, they can rest assured their lipstick will stay on as the product is food and drink proof.

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