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Rapper Abel Meri’s Latest EP Titled “#BLM” Delivers Desperately Needed Social Commentary

Rapper Abel Meri’s Latest EP Titled “#BLM” Delivers Desperately Needed Social Commentary

July 01
19:27 2020

July 1, 2020 – Rapper Abel Meri, widely celebrated for his masterful word play and adept lyricism releases a new EP titled “#BLM”, a thoughtful and well-reasoned social commentary on police brutality and civil rights, delivered over a bevy of soulful instrumentation. 

“#BLM” is an insightful take on the current state of civil rights in America set against the backdrop of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

An honest and succinct expression of frustration with law enforcement’s use of deadly force against unarmed black citizens, “#BLM” manages to capture raw emotion and articulate salient points, all while entertaining listeners. 

The lead-off track “Black Lives Matter” starts the EP off on a high note with Abel delivering line after line of impassioned grievance with his signature witty sarcasm over an infectiously melodic instrumental. The passion and zeal are palpable from the onset and continue as common themes throughout the EP.  

The track “Insight Out” uses a clever role reversal format, with Abel asking rhetorical questions then answering them through his personal insight. With lines like “you’re not disturbed by George Floyd’s public execution, but you’re flabbergasted Targets got vandalized and looted?”, Abel frames prolific imagery that forces listeners to assess the spirit of their personal stances on issues. 

The overarching tone of the project is honest and heartfelt. There are several points on the EP where Abel’s perspective makes the listener pause and then walks them through thinking about things from different vantage points. A sort of three-dimensional view of situations that makes you zoom out and pan around to see the entire picture. 

“#BLM” certainly delivers much-needed food for thought and stands as a notable timepiece to vividly document 2020 for the history books. 

“#BLM” is now available on all major digital platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, Pandora, YouTube, SoundCloud, Google Music and Amazon Music. 

Follow Abel Meri on Instagram @abelmeri.

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