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Popular Home-Made Disinfectant, ‘SHINEMUSCAT Electrolyzed Water Generator’

Popular Home-Made Disinfectant, ‘SHINEMUSCAT Electrolyzed Water Generator’

July 03
00:15 2020
Popular Home-Made Disinfectant, ‘SHINEMUSCAT Electrolyzed Water Generator’

With the prolonged virus crisis, the number of purchasing hygiene-related product has increased. Sales of electrolyzed water generator has been growing considerably among many other disinfection products. Electrolyzed water is an eco-friendly disinfectant produced by the electrolysis of ordinary tap water or groundwater.

During the early days of the launch, many people were hesitant about purchasing the product due to its unreasonable price. However, since various brands have launched various products, it is possible to purchase products at reasonable prices. It has been receiving positive reviews since it can produce disinfectant quickly and easily, and can be used semi-permanently.

Among them, SHINEMUSCAT electrolyzed water generator is an eco-friendly product made with consideration on safety first. It is a domestic-made product with excellent quality and durability, therefore there is no risk of product malfunction or failure, and has completed sterilization and residual chlorine test.

Unlike other products, SHINEMUSCAT electrolyzed water generator can be operated even just with tap water without adding special solutions or salt. It is worth noting that the product consists 0.3mm compressed micro sprayer which is useful for long-distance spraying. To sterilize, spray the freshly made electrolyzed water on beds, bathroom, kitchen, or clothing etc.

SHINEMUSCAT electrolyzed water generator features with USB charging cable and the detachable sprayer, water container and generator which can be cleaned with hypoallergenic cleaning agent. Anyone can make disinfectant in just 3 minutes simply by tapping the button at the bottom of the product with tap water loaded.

Meanwhile, SHINEMUSCAT electrolyzed water generator is available on the LIFESTORE official website and is currently on a sale at a 25% discount.

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