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The Great Depression Is Coming Again, But Greater

The Great Depression Is Coming Again, But Greater

August 18
15:16 2020
Who can get drafted for World War III? Interesting question, but it needs no answer. Why? You are already drafted. You are at war, and they have not told you.

Who are they? The government. Maybe. The media? Possibly. 

No worries. I am telling you now. If you are lower-class or middle, you are in a war so big, so devastating, and so long-lasting that I can be a bit dramatic and call it World War III. 

I would like to argue for a few moments as to whether or to what extent the Great Depression is repeating itself and the solutions for a middle-class mass exodus. 

Twelve years ago, I noticed in 2008; I was being leveraged into more poverty and making those who were in the top one percent richer.

Instead of complaining about this, I began to take notes and notice why I was in my position. I had just lost my job due to it closing in the Great Recession. I had no savings, no home, and the car I was driving was a luxury car, and my credit was terrible. Let’s process this for a moment. I was driving around Houston, Texas, looking fabulous, but weak. My car was in car shows, but my credit score dropped to a 397— seriously, it was a three-hundred and ninety-seven. I had no idea that credit could get that low. I was paying $577 a month for a car I should have never owned, but I was more focused on looking well than being well. Looking well, but being unwell is the plight of so many. 

Realizing I had a negative net worth, I cast my ego, voluntarily repossessed my car, and started the business that has made me famous today. Whenever I am in meditation, I often reflect that my greatest blessing today was born within the most ignorant time of my life. From being leveraged, I learn how to do the leveraging. I studied why the top one percent deserved to leverage my ignorance, and I would make a plan to follow in their footsteps. 

Before we move on, allow me to point out the most important thing I have said. “I studied why the top one percent deserved to leverage my ignorance.” I don’t think anyone can transcend into the top one percent if they do not take full responsibility for themselves financially. It is not the system. It is your lack of understanding of how the system works. Is there an oppressive system encapsulating the working class and keeping them in debt slavery? Absolutely. If you understand this system, then you will be able to account for it and circumvent its adverse effects for you and all you wish to bless in your life. Let’s define debt slavery, so we can all move forward together. 

As written on Wikipedia, “Peonage, also known as debt slavery or bonded labour, is the pledge of a person’s services as security for the repayment for a debt or other obligation, where the terms of the repayment are not clearly or reasonably stated, and the person who is holding the debt thus has some control over the laborer. Freedom is assumed on debt repayment. The services required to repay the debt may be undefined, and the services’ duration may be undefined, thus allowing the person supposedly owed the debt to demand services indefinitely. Debt bondage can be passed on from generation to generation.” 

There are a few things to notice here, but I will only address what is needed to move forward. Debt slavery has us all. It is part of the Matrix, and the Matrix has you. There is only one escape, and that is massive cashflow. 

I am explicitly telling every one of you to get out of the middle-class. Ethically profit as much as you can in this current recession. When the next major market correction occurs around 2030, you can be on this very platform, telling people how you realized your leveraged position in 2020. Then you will be able to tell them how you did all the leveraging in 2030. 

Learning Objections

Today, I am going to teach you:

Why 2020 is looking like 1929.

The Real Reason Why It Is So Hard For Most People To Be Successful.

The New Dollar Amount That Should Be Your Money Goal.

Business Opportunities Created By The Coronavirus.

How To Benefit From The Recession When There Is One.

Why 2020 is looking like 1929

According to Investment Watch, in an article post on March 9, 2020,, the global economy has slowed down, and investors fear that this will culminate in the worse economic collapse since the Great Depression. 

According to an article written by Josiah Wilmoth on March 8, 2020, Hedge fund bear Kevin Smith says that the coronavirus outbreak has triggered a stock market crash. But forget 2008, Smith says this one could mirror the 1929 downturn that accompanied the Great Depression. This Is 1929! This is the year before the Great Depression:

There are currently three things that existed in the 1930s that are now happening again.

There is a huge gap between the rich and the poor, and as a result, there is a big gap between the right and left politics.

Interest rates are close to zero, and the printing of money to buy assets is not that effective. Consequently, this will continue to widen the wealth gap even more.

There is a rise in power to challenge an existing world power. In this case, China is rising against America. This will cause wars that are never fought with bullets and the middle-class, globally, will be affected.

In the last 500 years, this has only happened sixteen times, and twelve of those times, there were wars. 

If one could look past all the media hysteria and propaganda, one would see four different types of wars happening simultaneously:

Trade War. Trade wars often start when two world powers compete for the number one place in the global economy.

Technology War. The new secret agents will be computer programmers, state-run social media experts, tech-savvy lobbyists backing significant corporations and industries, and cybersecurity experts.

GeoPolitical War. Carl von Clausewitz famously argued that “war is the continuation of politics by other means.” My friends, this will not get better, because things are not designed to get better for all; they are designed to keep up the illusion “better for all.” At the same time, most people are designed to remain the labor force for the few.

Capital War. You can see this right now between China and America, as well as the monetary concerns with the impending Brexit in the United Kingdom.

All of these seven factors make politics more important today than ever before. The reason behind this is simple. Today’s politicians will determine what will happen in the markets and the economy for the next generation — possibly more. Therefore, whom you elect will have a significant say in where the money goes and whether it is to the right or left. Your elections are up to you, but they will be more important than you can ever imagine.

The Real Reason Why It Is So Hard For Most People To Be Successful

There is something called the Three Generation Rule:

According to World Building, “The degree of social discipline needed for a space habitat to survive indefinitely is beyond the capability of “normal” human societies. The human tendency to favor short-term expediency will, over time, make the habitat ecosystem more precarious.

To write this is layman’s terms, people tend to put off patching the leak in the roof until it is raining. As humans, we will not do anything to fix our problems until our problems start affecting our households. For those in power, which are usually the top one percent, it will take a natural disaster to impact their families. I can completely relate. I have yet to feel a single ill-effect of the Covid-19 crisis or what it has done to the world’s economies because I am in the top one percent. It will take much more than a plague to damage what I have built. I am empathetic for all who have been affected. As a result, I am dedicating my life to changing the world for the better. I am not smart enough to develop vaccines or fly us all to Mars. However, I am most certainly capable of creating 100,000 millionaires from the low and middle class, so we can all change the world together. 

I have home school, my two sons, for the last five years, and last year I began to teach us all Mandarin. The Chinese have an expression 富不过三代 (fu bu guo san dai). It means that “wealth does not pass three generations or not rich for three generations.” There is enough evidence throughout humanity that wealth seems to evaporate through the generations. 

It works somewhat like this:

The first generation scrounges, saves, and manages to put 10% of their wealth aside for investments over 45 years.

The second generation is instilled with some discipline to maintain wealth. However, it perhaps too optimistically relies on the knowledge that they’ll get an inheritance from the first generation.

The third generation hasn’t seen the effort required to ensure a safe and comfortable retirement. It usually & mostly fails to save money in any meaningful way or wisely invest any money they may have inherited from prior generations. Often they spend any capital they’ve acquired trying to keep up with their wealthier friends. They end up frittering away the wealth.

Which generation reminds you of your current situation? 

My friends, let me tell you what is not commonly known. Wealth must be manipulated and manufactured. Wealth cannot be earned. That is simply how the current money system we live in works. You do not gain wealth. Wealth must be manufactured. 

Let me tell you how wealth works. Only wealth creates wealth, and you cannot have wealth without labor. It is that simple. If you are already wealthy, it means you have to means to get more prosperous, and it means there is a labor force supplying that wealth. 

The New Dollar Amount That Should Be Your Money Goal

Your money goals are probably too low. No worries, I will help you set a new one.

You should create a $250,000,000 cash flow habit, and this cash flow should exist after all your expenses are paid. Of course, this is a very high number for most people, but you should still try to hit this mark. Allow this number to change your mindset and change how you think about abilities as well. 

Cash flow is money that is generated, usually through hard assets. It is not earned income. I am asking you to focus on a quarter of a billion in produced, unearned income that is more than your monthly expenses. This is an amount that seems lofty, but anything is possible. If you find the right income-producing vehicles, you can make this happen faster than you think. 

Money is slavery. Cash flow is freedom. If you make money, someone controls you with debt. If you have cash flow, you control debt and have real freedom. Please remember this concept forever. 

Business Opportunities Created By The Coronavirus

Deep cleaning and disinfecting 

Number one is self-explanatory.

Remote office build-outs

As offices temporarily shut down, companies and employees who make enough money will want you to build an office in their homes.

Humanless Kitchens

People will be willing to pay good money for kitchens that have minimal human contact.

Air purifiers


Spit-shielding hats

There are many more opportunities, but I wanted to give you some that were a bit outside of the box.

How To Benefit From The Recession

If you have the right mindset or are wealthy, this is the most exciting time of life. The most significant transfer of wealth in humanity is happening right now. Wealth is made by those who are preparing for market corrections. I have been preparing for this economic correction since 2008. Now, I will share that preparation with you. For the last ten years, we have been in a corrected market that made everyone comfortable. We have hundreds of Unicorn companies that have never recorded a profit. I want you to focus on profit and dominate this recession. 

Step 1.

Get cash-heavy as fast as possible to turn that cash into CASH FLOW. 

My goal is to get to 250 million dollars in expendable-surplus cash. I recommend you have 15-25% of whatever you are worth in money today. No matter how small that amount is, you can benefit from having cash in a recession. 

Step 2.

Find the right income-producing vehicles to turn the cash into cashflow. 

If you have small amounts of money, you can go into stocks, but make sure you get a mentor. You can also go into sales funnels, real estate, or businesses that are designed to produce monthly subscriptions and not just one time payments. The basic understanding here is to find something that generates income, so you do not have to earn it. 

Step 3.

Set your eyes on millions, not thousands. 

Here are ten ways you can make millions in the cash:

Profit from fear. People want security and stability and for things to go back to normal, so sell them security, stability, and normal back to them.

Take everyone’s customers who aren’t adjusting to the current times. Any company trying to save money takes its customers, too, because they don’t understand how to expand and when to expand. Ethically bribe people into being your customer. Spend more money and time on marketing than ever before. Have way more giveaways and focus on your brand, because how you treat people during these times will determine if you remain in business when we make it out of them.

Be super courteous and deliver comfort. Forgive missed payments, give away your best stuff at no risk, and no charge. Create loyal customers and super fans.

Give unprecedented access to yourself and build strong relationships with your clients and customers. My cell phone number is everywhere. My number is +1 409-500-1546. It is the same on WhatsApp, and you can text me after you read this. Thousands of my fans and customers text me every day from all over the world.

Tell people how good you are and tell it louder than you have been doing. I am The Millionaire Maker. I am the guy helping people leave the middle class. In the last 100 days, I have hired eighty-two people and made my $10,000 business university free for anyone struggling. I have made my daily business meetings available to the public. I am allowing all to look inside our company and take anything back to their own companies. Now is not the time for me to be humble. It is time for my media team to tell the world while everyone else is laying off. I am expanding and creating economies for middle-class people.

Reduce all unnecessary expenses. This does not need to be explained. Do this as soon as possible.

Team up with like-minded people. This is not the time to do ordinary things with ordinary people.

Master Sales Funnels as soon as possible and create massive cash flow.

Take that cashflow and save $250,000 and put 25% down on a $1,000,000 apartment complex that is already cash flowing and let other people pay your bills.

Do All of This Again.

Thank you for reading this. If you want to reach out to me, text +1 409-500-1546

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