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TNW MED, A New Hip Hop Artist is catching the Eye With His Refreshing New Style

TNW MED, A New Hip Hop Artist is catching the Eye With His Refreshing New Style

September 18
16:38 2020
TNW ,The New Wave changing up the hip hop scene

By the sound of his music, Hip Hop artist TNW Med is certainly on his way to becoming a new age Rap sensation. He has his music hosted on all platforms including apple music, YouTube, Instagram, and every other platform with good music. The young hip-hop artist who calls himself The New Wave Med is growing in popularity on social media platforms for his melodious blend of Rap, and Hip Hop. With half a million plays on the fan-favorite Foreign, TNW Med hopes to carve a niche for himself on the YouTubing music scene.

With just above 7K followers on Instagram and a growing fan-base on YouTube, TNW Med’s brand of music shows tremendous promise. The young Hip-Hop artist’s music can almost be termed as new age Hip Hop trance. His signature style with singular note lyrics belted out to a consistent melody is almost haunting, and hypnotic. Call it Hip Hop trance, or rap ballads, there is no mistaking the distinctiveness of TNW Med and his music.

TNW Med may only have a dozen popular songs blowing up on YouTube and other music platforms, but that’s enough to make any HipHop fan sit up and take notice. Judging by the comments on his promos and videos, one can safely say this is one new HipHop artist whose fans are asking for more. Obliging them is the signer’s promise of new music and EP coming soon.

This is one artist whose music appeals to a generation exposed to in numerous musical trends on social media. Such variety is in itself a qualification to critically analyze the popularity and potential of upcoming artists. Yet TNW Med and his style of music is gaining likes and acclaim.

TNW Med says his music is all about change. The artist hopes his unique musical style of Hip Hop will be recognized on Instagram and YouTube. His ambition is to make the critics take notice and possibly cut his first album soon. That would be an ideal step in the right direction, especially for his ever-growing fan base.

Considering how Foreign has been a hit among his fans, the track Margiela is expected to be just as enticing with its striking lyrics and electronic tune. Foreign’s half a million plays are likely to increase because it appeals to new age audiences more receptive and flexible to new music genres. If TNW Med portrays his music as a change, then he isn’t wrong in doing so. His own tag line aptly screams:

TNW, The New Wave changing up the hip hop scene.

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