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Kevin McLemore Analyses Book: The Indispensable Game of X’s And O’s

Kevin McLemore Analyses Book: The Indispensable Game of X’s And O’s

October 07
21:40 2020
“How I learned everything I ever needed to know about life by playing high school football.”

Kevin McLemore, the author of “The Indispensable Game of X’s and O’s,” has the goal, the passion, and the product to guide middle school students to fall in love with reading. The goal is to have this book placed in the curriculum of a school district in every state. While many publishing companies believe young readers are not an ideal market for books, Mr. McLemore believes making a more relatable, real-life story available to middle school curriculums can change that narrative. 

In a February 2020 article written by The Guardian titled, “Children are reading less than ever before, research reveals.” The beginning of the article reads: Children today read less frequently than any previous generation and enjoy reading less than young people did in the past, according to new research. The work, to be published by the National Literacy Trust in the run-up to World Book Day on Thursday, shows that in 2019 just 26% of under-18s spent some time each day reading. This is the lowest daily level recorded since the charity first surveyed children’s reading habits in 2005.

Are the books introduced to our young students viewed as antiquated by the young readers? In today’s world of TikTok and YouTube, are traditional publications unexciting and moves at a snail’s pace? Are the characters in the books assigned to middle school and high school curriculums not relatable? The educators and parents of today’s students would not have these questions when their students read “The Indispensable Game of X’s and O’s.”

“This book belongs in every Middle School and High School Library in America”, said Mike Mayock Sr. Mr. Mayock was the Villanova Football Captain in 1954, drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers, a 34-year high school football coach in Pennsylvania, father of five sons in the Haverford School Hall of Fame, and father to Mike Mayock Jr. (General Manager of NFL Las Vagas Raiders).

Kevin McLemore has over 35 years of experience in the fitness business and is currently a certified master-level fitness professional and Life Coach at Lifetime Athletic in Pennsylvania. He also works as an independent marketing consultant for companies and individuals, directing products to QVC and other world-wide platforms. By reputation, McLemore constantly challenges himself and those around him to believe that anything is possible and to be the best a version of oneself. This is reflected in his conversations working with high school students, inner-city youth and athletes.

In McLemore’s heart, family comes first. He is motivated by his strong belief in his faith which guides him to live out his dream life as a motivational speaker with “One Voice” and “One Dream”. He believes that one random act of kindness can change the world. #findonethousandreason2Bkindtosomeone.

Masterful and prolific storytelling skills are reflected with his books “Letter’s to Elvis” (St. Martin Press) and his Christmas novel “Sprinkles, the True Spirit of Christmas.” McLemore is looking forward to his speaking engagements and the release of his next books “Dating with a Full Deck”, “57 and I Can”, and “The Truth About the Business of Fitness”, all due out next year.

Help our cause to have the book, “The Indispensable Game of X’s and O’s,” placed in the curriculum of a school district in every state.

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