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MobileAxept Highlights How the Text to Give Church Software Is A Powerful Tool For Increasing Year-End Donations

MobileAxept Highlights How the Text to Give Church Software Is A Powerful Tool For Increasing Year-End Donations

October 27
07:18 2020
MobileAxept Highlights How the Text to Give Church Software Is A Powerful Tool For Increasing Year-End Donations
MobileAxept is a leading provider for solutions in software and technology, notably for ministries and congregations. They provide solutions that make giving, communicating, and connecting for churches and communities effective and convenient with commitment focused on matters tithings and donations.

Minneapolis, MN – October 27, 2020 – Their GiveNow application is a simple text-to-give platform revolutionizing the donation practice in ministries and congregations. In response to recent studies indicating that churches accepting tithing online can increase their donations, the company has reiterated by providing this online platform to help churches realize this dream. Similar cases go to the donors who can use this revolutionary text-giving product to have an intuitive experience and increase their collections.

MobileAxept, the only producer of the ‘Give-Now’ text-to-give church software, has outlined how the software is a powerful tool for increasing year-end donations. With the end-year festivities and Thanksgiving only a few months to go, most religious and nonprofit organizations look for alternative means to get donations stress-free. For this reason, MobileAxept assures users that GiveNow is the ultimate answer that will make this endeavor hassle-free in the following ways.

Unlike the other alternatives that involve hefty paperwork and other complications, text-to-give eliminates all that. Signing up is easy for all users with its one-time setup and registration that only takes a maximum of 30 seconds. Since today nearly everyone has a mobile phone, they can sign up anywhere at their pleasure. All it takes is the church or organization to send a simple text, and their donation and other sign-up information will come flowing.

Furthermore, it eases communication between the organization and the donors. Even during lonely periods such as summer, when many people do not come to church, the donors can still make the payments from wherever they are enjoying the holiday. In the end, the organization will even get that recurring payment without so much of a hassle. Moreover, the organization can send updates when it starts a new campaign or when it needs to send a fundraising update. The donors will get the message on their phones instantly.

When it comes to security concerns on personal information, many people consider it a critical issue. While using the text-to-give platform, the organization and the donors can rest easy knowing their security is under control. The bank card information encryption and the payment processor assures the highest level of safety. Moreover, the system ensures the donations only go to the right account holder, while ensuring no complications. The company provides a complete dedication to transparency and control in managing every user’s account.

About MobileAxept

MobileAxept brings a genuine and functional alternative to use in the ministries and nonprofit donations. With a strong history that inspired this quest, the company believes that the internet and online platforms are the answers to most issues. That is why their GiveNow software is the answer to the revolutionary move towards a digital-payment-only society.

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