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Hire a family lawyer in Chula Vista from Estolano Law

Hire a family lawyer in Chula Vista from Estolano Law

November 12
05:09 2020
Hire a family lawyer in Chula Vista from Estolano Law

Estolano Law is a firm that specializes in family law, criminal defense, and immigration cases. They represent clients in both state and federal court for criminal matters such as juvenile and many more. The firm was founded by Ray Estolano, a trial attorney with 20 years of experience. Over the years, the firm has successfully litigated several long and complex trials. They provide top-quality legal solutions at reasonable rates. The firm represents its clients in cases involving federal and state court.

Offering reasons to use Mediation to negotiate a divorce settlement, the company spokesperson said, “Mediation is one of the most frequently used methods for coming up with a divorce settlement. It serves as a substitute for having a divorce in a court. To have a successful mediation, both parties must be in agreement to have a mediator. The mediator is a neutral being who helps spouses come up with a resolution based on what seems fair for their divorce. Here are some reasons to opt for Mediation. The method is cheaper as compared to settling divorce in a court. One’s opinions are respected during Mediation. Clients are advised to always consult a divorce lawyer to ensure Mediation is a viable option for them.”

Divorce is one of the most difficult decisions couples can make in their lives. This is because divorce is time-consuming. Therefore, individuals should know the steps involved in a divorce to make the process easier to navigate. Clients can contact Estolano Law to hire the best divorce lawyer in Chula Vista. The lawyers help one determine the grounds necessary for filing a divorce case.

Offering tips to prepare for child support hearing, the company spokesperson said, “Child support hearing usually when there is a disagreement on the child support amount. Individuals need to prepare adequately if they want to go through child support proceedings with ease. Here are some tips clients can prepare themselves for the hearing. Clients should hire an experienced lawyer as the lawyers will guide them on what the judge may request for evidence. They should provide the correct information about their income since the California child support court uses a child support formula to determine who pays for the child support. Clients should ensure that child support calculations are clear.”

Find a family law lawyer in Chula Vista from Estolano Law. The firm’s lawyers have extensive experience in offering excellent legal services. They are always prepared in dealing with cases that are relevant to family law. The firm’s family law covers divorce, child support, child custody, paternity actions, and many more. The firm also represents clients in various criminal matters ranging from misdemeanor to serious felony cases.

About Estolano Law

Estolano Law offers clients the opportunity to hire a family law lawyer in Chula Vista. They provide a high level of representation to their clients.


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