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Tiny Noggins Plush Doll Represents Babies on Helmet Therapy

Tiny Noggins Plush Doll Represents Babies on Helmet Therapy

January 01
14:33 2021
Company creates dolls that help promote awareness and inclusivity through toys.

Much has been said and written about the importance of representation in toys in building a child’s self-esteem. The growing awareness that children who wear medical devices need to see themselves represented in toys, has compelled toy companies to make toys, especially dolls, which represent children with different medical conditions, and not just of ethnicity. Tiny Noggins specializes in dolls that represent children with positional plagiocephaly or flat head syndrome. Tiny Noggins dolls have helmets that resemble the cranial remolding helmets used to correct the shape of an infant’s head.

Flat head syndrome is usually caused by the baby sleeping with the head turned on one side in the first few months of life. This results in a flat spot either on the side or back of the head. In some cases, babies wear helmets due to craniosynostosis – a condition where the baby’s skull fuses too soon or in an abnormal way. Helmet therapy or cranial orthosis is a painless treatment that is widely recommended to correct the baby’s skull. The helmet is usually worn for about 3 months or more, depending on the recommendation of the specialist or orthotist, and for about 23 hours a day.

Tiny Noggins dolls are the only plush dolls in the market that represent babies undergoing cranial remolding therapy. The dolls wear helmets that look a lot like the cranial remolding helmets. “Tiny Noggins is about praising babies’ strength throughout their cranial remolding process because we know how special it is for a child to have a doll that celebrates him/her in every way!,” reads the Filipino-American, woman-owned company’s website, which also promotes awareness of the flat head syndrome in babies.

By 2021, Tiny Noggins intends to launch new dolls representing other medical conditions in children. For more information on Tiny Noggins, visit

About Tiny Noggins

Tiny Noggins is a Filipino-American, woman-owned company that makes dolls that resemble babies on cranial remolding therapy. The dolls are made of soft fleece and have no detachable parts, making it safe for babies to play with.

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