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Shawn Berry gives a melodic ode to growth and learning

Shawn Berry gives a melodic ode to growth and learning

January 11
19:18 2021

After surviving 2020’s shock and awe, GottaLearn sums up a measure of truth. The chorus sings, “GottaLearn to take L’s/Ain’t no wins without fails”; making it clear that the ability to accept and adapt can determine your success or recovery in life.

It offers an island sway with urban boogie, yet bolstering a pop undertone; pushing the idea that we all fall down but getting up is key; a way to add medicine to the candy. You can watch the video on his youtube channel. Via Google fan questions he was asked; what inspired you to write GottaLearn? He answered,” the more you try to avoid taking necessary L’s, you will neither learn nor grow”. It ties closely with the don’t think just do mantra.

There could be a solid argument, based on current events, that we see more examples of the inability to receive a loss or lesson and properly adjust or concede, than the other which is accepting, evolving, growing, becoming, then winning. The second verse is not modest in outlining the end goal with lyrics like, “couple hundred racks (two hundred thousand dollars) on deck”, however emulating or highlighting the end goal first is more common and not the truth of loss, lesson, learning, and tons of hard work.

According to Shawn Berry the song was written after a major win. Reflection on how one has achieved a thing will certainly showcase the, whoa that was close, moments. Using the term “taking an L”, can be interpreted in variance for lesson or learning however one form of the “L’s” must be taken on the road to success. GottaLearn leans heavy on the message of it all being a part of the process, and that adjusting your mindset to receive the learning through loss and lessons will provide strength to forge ahead. GottaLearn is available now on all music platforms for streaming in addition to Youtube and Youtube Music.

Connect- Instagram:@shawnberry, Twitter:@shawn_berry, Tiktok:@shawnberrymusic, or ClubHouse:@shawnberry.

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