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On Point Technology deploys OPTimum UIdentify, an identity verification service, for Arkansas Division of Workforce Services

On Point Technology deploys OPTimum UIdentify, an identity verification service, for Arkansas Division of Workforce Services

January 16
03:42 2021

Oakbrook, Illinois – January 15, 2021 – On Point Technology, leaders in Unemployment Insurance fraud prevention, has deployed its identity proofing product OPTimum UIdentify within the Arkansas Division of Workforce Services. OPTimum UIdentify is a cutting edge verification service that quickly and accurately validates a person’s identity.

Just as other states across the nation, the pandemic has resulted in the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services (ADWS) facing an unprecedented number of claimants applying for benefits. The task of paying benefits to deserving claimants while preventing payments to fraudsters is a challenging endeavor faced by all state workforce agencies.

ADWS partnering with On Point Technology has deployed an identity proofing system called OPTimum UIdentify.  The system allows claimants to scan their state ID or driver’s license using their computer or mobile device. UIdentify then crossmatches the information against a national repository of state and driver’s license information. The system instantly confirms or denies the claimant is the true owner of the identity. The system is proving to be quick and easy streamlining the path to providing benefits to valid claimants.

In the short time, since its deployment, OPTimum UIdentify has allowed ADWS to provide benefits to claimants initially suspected of being fraudulent.  The systems outreach process also allowed individuals who had not applied for benefits to respond stating so, prompting a stolen identity investigation.  ADWS’s usage of UIdentify will continue to increase their ability to pay valid claimants timely and block unemployment insurance fraud.

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About OPTimum UIdentify

OPTimum UIdentify is a state of the art identity proofing software that can stop UI fraud in its tracks. The live ID scan proves in real-time that the individual has a state-issued Identification in their possession.  The process is quick and easy having minimal impact on legitimate claimants and the initial claim filing process. The OPTimum solution crossmatches the individual’s driver’s license or state-issued ID against the national Drivers’ License Data Verification Service. As Fraudsters rely on stolen data and do not have a physical ID, this will absolutely stop fraud.

About On Point Technology

Founded by former state and federal agency staff and executives, On Point provides superior, modern, and efficient solutions to streamline benefits agencies’ workflow. Designed with an eye towards the future and a deep understanding of the past, all our products are built to maximize ROI and improve efficiency. With the largest footprint in the UI industry, over half the states trust our products and services above all others. We are the only vendor to be called upon to give expert testimony before Congress on the challenges facing the UI benefits system. Currently, our new configurable and scalable OPTimum Integrity Cloud is revolutionizing the fight against fraud. 

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