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Glass Artist/Entrepreneur Patrick Beck on Following His Own Path to Success

Glass Artist/Entrepreneur Patrick Beck on Following His Own Path to Success

January 18
15:12 2021
Glass Artist/Entrepreneur Patrick Beck on Following His Own Path to Success

Self-motivation is the internal drive that keeps a person going — it is the push to develop, achieve, and keep moving forward despite existing hurdles. It is a lesser-known but yet essential skill, as it drives people to persevere in the face of setbacks. In analyzing the personal backgrounds of many successful people in any industry, there is an observable common denominator—each of them persist in the face of hardship. If world-class entrepreneur and artist Patrick Beck had to be described with a single quality, self-motivated is definitely on the top of the list.

Patrick Beck never did fit the mold, whether voluntarily, in the form of his life decisions, or involuntarily, in the form of unfortunate conditions life has dealt him. Life had given him unfavorable conditions he had to work with. By his own will and determination, he turned those challenges into his assets and is currently enjoying the fruits of his labor. 

If life had been fair to him, he would have enjoyed a life of nobility he deserved as a descendant of Don Juan Carlos Griego. As it is, the infamous 9/11 tragedy that took the lives of many displaced him from his family and put him in the foster care system.

At the young age of 16, he lived on the streets with no property of his own while he attended high school. At one point, he cleared out his pockets to pay for the bus to school. No one would expect anything great from such a kid, and no one would expect that kid to travel the world and earn three degrees in the vastly different fields of Chemical Engineering, Electronics, and Psychology.

No one would expect him to later be nominated as the youngest person to start a presidential campaign in the U.S. He would have to settle for being an ambassador, as in accordance with the constitution, a person of royal heritage cannot become president.

It is an unconventional list of qualifications and achievements, but as previously mentioned, the entrepreneur never did like confining himself into society’s boring molds. Now, if anyone would hazard a guess at his profession, they would surely get it wrong. Patrick Beck is neither in the field of chemical engineering, electronics, nor psychology. Instead, he spends much of his time in his passion projects-turned-enterprise: glasswork products in Kingpin Glass and everything coffee-related in Kingpin Coffee.

Though, to be fair, he does dabble in the sciences on the side. As he strives towards a PhD, he has been working on a massive, decade-long project: a groundbreaking device that will change the field of quantum physics. Unfortunately, this is all he wishes to say about the matter.

Patrick Beck rose to fame as a glass artist when one of his pieces went platinum on Facebook, gaining a mind-boggling amount of over a million views in an hour. Glass can be a fickle medium to work with, but this artist expertly demonstrates his skills by producing masterful ornate pieces exhibiting incredible intricacy and attention to detail. 

After the wide reception to his work, he launched his brands, and today, he launches new ideas while forming committees and collaborations to implement projects that would improve local communities. Given that people tend to become more invested in projects that would directly affect them as part of the community, forming such collaborations increases the likelihood of cooperation among stakeholders.

“Being on the streets allowed me to excel because every hardship I endured before has taught me to work harder in life,” Patrick Beck says with regard to the foundations of his success. As an upstanding individual exhibiting skill and integrity, he was invited to become an ambassador and was offered scholarships after he traveled across the US and Spain. The challenges he endured in life has brought him to this point: a highly-skilled and charismatic individual who easily builds positive relationships with his genuine demeanor.

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