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PRO Engineering/Manufacturing releases new article on “Heating and Cooling Options for Tunnel Pasteurizers”

PRO Engineering/Manufacturing releases new article on “Heating and Cooling Options for Tunnel Pasteurizers”

January 27
19:36 2021
PRO Engineering/Manufacturing releases new article on "Heating and Cooling Options for Tunnel Pasteurizers"

Milwaukee, WI – January 27, 2021 – PRO Engineering / Manufacturing has released an in-depth article on the procedure of “Heating and Cooling Options for Tunnel Pasteurizers”. This article is an excellent reference for beverage makers on the procedure and risks involved with tunnel pasteurization.

“Packaged beverages can be processed to improve preservation and shelf-life; this is called pasteurization (1).  We will examine the variation called Thermal Pasteurization. It occurs by heating and cooling the filled product packages according to a thermal cycle. From the thermal point of view, the tunnel is divided into 1) a pre-heating area, 2) a heat treatment area, and 3) a cooling area where the product is brought back to ambient temperature (1,2).

The cans or bottles travel through these areas progressively where water is sprayed on them to modify their temperature; those thermal changes produce a reduction of microorganisms in the beer minimizing the effect on physical stability and flavor while maximizing biological stability (microorganisms) (3). Also, any leftover yeast is deactivated. Filtered beer typically has a target P.U. range of 12 +/-2 for proper pasteurization (1 P.U. is added to the product when exposed to 60°C (140°F) for one minute) (4).

Water spray systems, including spray patterns, water volumes, and distribution systems, depend on the pasteurizer manufacturer (3). There are several options for elevating the product’s temperature to the adequate pasteurization temperature, usually using low and high-pressure steam or high-temperature water in either direct or indirect heating (5). The principles and effects of thermal preservation treatments such as this one are well established (6), and publications are widely available to delve deeper into the topic, such as the book Handbook of Brewing by Stewart & Priest (ed. 2017)(7).”

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About PRO Engineering / Manufacturing:

For more than 40 years, PRO Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. has been delivering solutions for beverage product shelf stability and consumption safety including a full line of tunnel and batch pasteurizers. As leading innovators in post-fill pasteurization, our skilled team offers the best in high quality pasteurization equipment. Our focus is on solving microbiological packaging needs for a wide variety of customers.

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