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Lakay Designs, LLC Featuring African Decor at Front Door

Lakay Designs, LLC Featuring African Decor at Front Door

February 03
19:48 2021
Lakay Designs, LLC is a small business of African print designs for home as well as everyday life. This Home Decor Business has sold over 50,000 Comforters, Pillows, and Beddings.

It may have been a slow burn, but the fashion world’s ever-watchful eyes have finally started to turn towards African artistic designs and unique patterns. African textile designs and arts are representative symbols of African society. Their design creations and arts are known for unique geometric patterns graced with a beautiful choice of bright colors. The skills and aesthetics of African textile have been appreciated by many people and used as inspiration for their works. Lakay Designs, LLC by Linda Smith is known for the infusion of African art with modern designs.

Lakay design was founded in 2015 and is a perfect place for all African inspired home and business decor. There are plenty of ways to incorporate timeless African elements in the house that fits the individual interior style; that is why Lakay brings a range of products for the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and much more. Lakay Designs is a way for people to jazz up their home or business with gorgeous unique pieces. Taking extra care to choose African print fabric can inspire the most intriguing conversation and designs that create unique atmosphere for home.

The face behind Lakay Designs is a passionate woman whose love of the African esthetics and homemaking, inspired her to create her own business. She identified a need in the African community, and thus was born Lakay Designs. She was lucky enough to get intense support and love from her family members to accomplish her dream business. Her family has been instrumental and encouraging throughout the journey.

The unique factor that separates them from other competitors is Lakay Designs Home Decor, a first of its kind African Decor Business, which specializes in using African Prints and Designs for homes, announced that the enterprise is in the business of home decor, with the primary intent of restoring the rich cultural heritage of African designs to families, as well as adding the beauty of African colors to the everyday life of Americans. This Home Decor Business has sold over 50,000 comforters, pillows, and beddings aim to sell 1,000,000 pieces of the highest quality.

The incredible team behind Lakay Designs is a group of engineers who design and improve the manufacturing process to increase efficiency, executors (buyers) who purchase the finest quality African material for manufacturing, and assemblers who use machines, tools, and their hands to assemble the end product. All of their pieces are beautifully crafted with African cultural infusion to make home an attractive place. Lakay Design is currently offering sales on their ultra-soft beddings, so grab these sheets by visiting their store open Monday to Friday or order online through their website at

Instagram and Twitter: @lakaydesigns

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Company Name: Lakay Designs, LLC
Contact Person: Linda Smith
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Address:4860 Chambers Rd, Suite 21
City: Denver
State: CO 80239
Country: United States

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