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A Journey Through Dance, Wuano Savvone Creating A Wave In Contemporary Dancing Circuit

A Journey Through Dance, Wuano Savvone Creating A Wave In Contemporary Dancing Circuit

February 12
16:02 2021

Well, Wuano Savvone has always been an entertainer/ dancer since his childhood, however, took it seriously as she got a bit older and more he knocked on doors the doors slowly started opening. He has always been a Local Superstar in his home city and at parties but always knew he wasn’t going to make it big there however he moved to Atlanta with nothing but a bag full of clothes chasing his dreams, determined, and no matter what happens she stuck to his plans. Started dancing to different tunes in Atlanta which brought her more attention however after a year he was able to build a name for him and that’s how he got to the grand stage.

It was not easy in the earlier stages of his career and was homeless for a whole year sleeping outside but it didn’t stop him and took it as a challenge and soon overcame all the hardship through sheer perseverance and got acknowledged by people in the business. He really focused on the things to move forward and is very great full for what he has gone through as if it wasn’t for the hardships he wouldn’t have been able to make it this far.

Wuano is a professional dancer, actor, and artist. A great worker specializes in contemporary and vivid dance forms like aesthetic dancing.

Wuano learned from a Wise man called Dr. Malachi Z York is to have a sort out a plan with all the alternatives to make that plan work in a given time frame and success for him is something anybody can have but only a few can cherish. It’s an accomplishment of anything ever wanted to do. 

With creativity, Wuano was able to create a perfect fusion of folk and contemporary mixed together and invested a lot of time and effort to spread his art through his dance form. Finally, his vision to make a difference and being the change to encourage the coming generation towards his art was fulfilled.

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