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Seat Sitters Continues to Provide Healthy Travel Kits Globally, In a Mission to Ease the Spread of Germs

Seat Sitters Continues to Provide Healthy Travel Kits Globally, In a Mission to Ease the Spread of Germs

April 05
14:09 2021
Seat Sitters Continues to Provide Healthy Travel Kits Globally, In a Mission to Ease the Spread of Germs
Staying healthy has always been important, but today, it is a must. Now, more than ever, people need the tools to do their part and stay healthy while out in public.

The Seat Sitters story started over eight years ago with the dream to help keep everyone safe. Everyone can work together for a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. The Seat Sitters travel kit is a simple, easy, and affordable way to be responsibly healthy together.

Airlines and millions of businesses have thankfully stepped up their cleaning efforts to ensure safe, on the go travel, but this kit takes it one step further and gives the consumer the ability to personally keep themselves and their space clean.

Gina, a feisty and compassionate mompreneur created this kit initially out of a need to keep her and her kids healthy while flying and traveling. Gina insists this is the new way to travel which is why she created the all-in-one healthy travel kit that has everything a person needs to protect themselves against germs.

After traveling so much, Gina realized her kit is needed for so many other uses such as public waiting areas, movie theaters, sports arenas, doctors’ offices, restaurants, beauty salons, Ubers and Lyfts, etc. Any public area where germs are spread.

Gina, being a diehard entrepreneur and a mom, insisted that if she were going to create a business, it would also involve her children. She felt it was equally as important to continue to fuel the next generation of entrepreneurs. “My children offer the unique contribution of bringing the perspective of the millennials and the Gen “Z” generation into the company so that we can better serve our customers with cutting edge products that they need.”

Not only is the Seat Sitters kit useful for germs. Gina was also determined to make it stylish so that one would not feel self-conscious about looking like a germ-a-phobe. She insisted that it be stylish, convenient, eco-friendly, and recyclable.

Even now with all of the knock offs that are surfacing on the market none of them offer the cute bag and supplies that come inside of the kit. In addition, the Seat Sitters seat covers are reusable and washable.

“I was tired of one of us getting sick and having our vacation ruined after flying and traveling. I knew there had to be a better way to travel and I was determined to find a solution that was easy to use, comfortable, stylish, and eco-friendly,” said Gina.

“From the day I tested out my product and launched, flight attendants, pilots, and passengers wanted to purchase one for themselves,” Gina noted as she explained that the product is well received and available in retail Giants, Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart, and is a top choice on Amazon’s website.

Gina realized the need to make the product available globally, thus expanding to offer the travel kit to many countries. For ease of access to travelers, the kits are even sold at Atlanta’s Jackson airport in the Brookstone Kiosk and Detroit Metro at InMotion.

Gina is proud of what Seat Sitters has to offer and insists on doing her part to contribute to helping others. Gina explains that the product is not just about money. It is about all of us being in it together and doing our part to stay healthy and happy in so many ways. Seat Sitters partners with many non profit organizations to help their cause.

At Seat Sitters, “Travel is our Inspiration, staying healthy is our passion.” Get in touch by phone at 248-225-4462 or by email to Gina Hoensheid at [email protected] Seat Sitters is headquartered in Rochester, MI. Visit the website at for more information on airplane seat covers and travel kits.

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