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Mars Mortgage Consultants, Dedicated Mortgage Broker Canberra, Helping Clients Secure Great Loans

Mars Mortgage Consultants, Dedicated Mortgage Broker Canberra, Helping Clients Secure Great Loans

April 20
19:45 2021
Mars Mortgage Consultants, Dedicated Mortgage Broker Canberra, Helping Clients Secure Great Loans

Canberra, AU – Mars Mortgage Consultants is a consultancy firm that helps clients to secure loans to finance their property in and around Canberra, AU. The firm specializes in securing various types of asset financing loans and has strategic partnerships with numerous bank and non-bank lenders that clients can choose from. All deals handled by the consultancy firm are transparent and straightforward, a fact that makes it a trusted Mortgage broker by many Australians.

“Every day I help clients obtain the best loans in Australian Capital Territory in order to finance their properties. I provide specialized home-lending and refinancing services, and my approach is focused on addressing their needs and financial situations throughout the entire real estate financing process.” The firm’s owner says, “I’m experienced, trustworthy, and always reachable. No matter the question, I’m here to provide answers.”

Below are some of the financial solutions provided by Mars Mortgage Consultants.

  • First Home Buyers

The company conducts financial reviews on behalf of their clients to determine the most suitable loan terms to help them buy their first homes. They handle all of the paperwork leaving their clients free to focus on the property they are purchasing. The company goes to great lengths to ensure that clients borrow only what they can afford to pay back, therefore, eliminating cases of asset seizures and auctions.

  • Refinancing

Mars Mortgage Consultants look to relieve pressure off of clients who are burdened with their loans by helping them find more suitable terms. One way the firm achieves this is by helping people consolidate their debts, therefore, making them easier to manage. By helping to optimize their refinancing terms, the company ensures that any clients’ investment plans remain viable.

  • Low Doc Loans

Through its low doc loan terms targeted at self-employed Australians, the company significantly reduces the paperwork that often goes into securing a loan. This way, it ensures that clients can access fast and cheap loans without having to go through the typically lengthy and tedious process.

  • Small Business Loans

Running small businesses in Australia has never been simpler thanks to the ease of access to small business loans from the Canberra mortgage broker. Over the years, Mars Mortgage Consultants has helped many business owners secure fast-turnaround funds to help keep their businesses afloat even during financial emergencies.

  • Construction Loans

Aspiring home builders in Canberra and the surrounding areas can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that there is a mortgage consultant to help them finance their dreams. Whether it is for single, double, or multiple dwellings, the firm can help clients find a financial plan that is designed to suit their needs.

Mars Mortgage Consultants can be contacted by phone at 0402 790 032. The company is located at 66 Bieundurry St., Bonner, ACT 2914, AU. Visit their website for more information.


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Company Name: Mars Mortgage Consultants
Contact Person: Ajay Murthy
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Phone: 0402 790 032
Address:66 Bieundurry St.
City: Bonner
State: ACT
Country: Australia

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