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The 2021 Jindong Greenway-Zhejiang Marathon Team Competition Opened on April 18

The 2021 Jindong Greenway-Zhejiang Marathon Team Competition Opened on April 18

April 20
22:30 2021

At 7:30 a.m. on April 18th, 3000 marathon enthusiasts, who participated in the “Half Marathon” and “Mini Marathon” of the 2021 Jindong Greenway Zhejiang Marathon Team Competition, rushed out of the starting line remarks the opening of Jindong Greenway Marathon this year.

The event is organized by Jindong District People’s Government, Jinhua Sports Bureau and Zhejiang Marathon and Road Running Association, hosted by Jindong District Education and Sports Bureau, Jindong District Culture and Tourism Bureau, Lipu Town People’s Government and Lingxia Town People’s Government, co-organized by Jinhua Hailiang Foreign Language School and operated by Guangzhou Borun Sports Technology Co., Ltd.

This marathon event is a group public event in China.

This is the sixth year that Jindong Greenway Marathon in  Jinyi New District (Jindong District) is held. As a provincial-level event, the 2021 Jindong Greenway-Zhejiang Marathon Group Race is another Zhejiang Marathon featured series after the Zhejiang Marathon Elite Race, Zhejiang Marathon Relay Race and Zhejiang Marathon Super Relay Race, and the first team-based mass marathon in the country.

The total number of participants in this year’s event remains at 3,000. In other words, there will be 1500 participants in the “Mini Marathon” and 1500 participants in the “Half Marathon”. The route of “Half Marathon” is from Jinhua Hailiang Foreign Language School to Suoyuan village, covering 21.0975 kilometers. The route of “Mini Marathon” starts from Recreation Town in Jidao Mountain and diverts from the half marathon route and returns to Jinhua Hailiang Foreign Language School, with a total length of 8 kilometers. Participants of the half marathon will also be able to win 70 direct spots for the Hangzhou Marathon.


The most picturesque marathon in Jindong Greenway

As the starting point of the race, the beautiful scenery of Jidao Mountain attracted the attention of many runners involved in the marathon. The beautiful scenery of Jindong Greenway also extended to the track. With the firing of the starting gun, 3,000 runners began the route, which passed along Lingxia town and Lipu town, the hometown of Chinese seedlings, and Jinyi New District, which is known as “natural forest oxygen bar”.

In August 2013, Jinyi New District (Jindong District) opened the first greenway of Jinhua City with a total length of 43.7 kilometers. After years of construction, at present, more than 221 kilometers of high-quality greenways have been completed here, not only the northern greenways and the southern greenways have been constructed, but also the greenways of 12 township streets have been strung into a line through the scenic promenade.

The beauty of Greenway lies in the lucid water and lush mountains in Jindong. The Greenway of this competition are distributed in Lingxia town and Lipu town of Jindong district. There are not only Baxian Creek and Xixi River, but also famous mountains such as Jidao Mountain and Lingyue Mountain. Runners can enjoy the unique landscape of Jindong while passing through the beautiful scenery. In Kangzhang village under Lingxia, clear water is gurgling along Baxian Creek, and the roads in the village are clear and bright. The villagers on both sides of the road cheer for runners from time to time, so that the runners can feel the simple enthusiasm of the villagers while running through the beautiful scenery. In Shannan village, where the Zhangpu descendants of Sun Quan lived, and Putang village, the traditional ancient village of Wang’s “Four Generations”, the runners crossed the Millennium prosperity of the ancient village and experienced the long history; On the edge of Xixi Greenway of Lipu, there are 10,000 mu of green scenery, and the greenway goes down the stream, and runners have crossed one village after another. Especially, the beautiful courtyard of the village along the track in Lipu town makes people linger. “After running through so many cities and passing through so many villages, Jindong Greenway impresses me deeply.The greenway scenery is so beautiful leaves a beautiful impression in the mind of every runner. ” Mr. Ye, a runner who participated in the Jindong Greenway Marathon for six consecutive years, said. Next year, he will continue to participate in Jindong Greenway Marathon.

Events ignite passion and show new trends through civilization

The whole competition ignited the passion of Jindong, a new city of hope. After fierce competition, Yang Xiaojun from Pan ‘an, a county of Jinhua, won the first place in the men’s half marathon with a score of 01:10:07. Tang Xiaofang from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province won the first place in the women’s half marathon with a score of 01:20:30. Yanduhantan Team won the first place in the half marathon team competition. The Powerful Team won the first place in the half marathon county group. There are many Jindong citizens participated in the event. Jindong Greenway Marathon ignited the upsurge of fitness for all citizens in Jindong. More and more citizens set foot on the marathon runway and actively participated in various fitness activities, welcoming the provincial games and Asian games.


On the day of the event, people from villages along the greenway cheered for runners. People welcomed runners from all over the world with folk performances such as dragon dance and percussion from Wu Opera. When the crowd left after the event, the whole track remained neat and tidy. “In recent years, Jindong District’s urban and rural garbage classification has established a global coverage model with Jindong characteristics, which not only has embarked on a new road of garbage classification that promotes both urban and rural areas, but also supports the creation of national civilized cities and urban social governance. The new model has achieved win-win results in ecological benefits, economic benefits and social benefits.” The official in charge of the organizing committee said that the marathon not only showed the beauty of the greenway, but also showed the district civilization.

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