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How Expresso is saving Americans money on freshly roasted coffee.

How Expresso is saving Americans money on freshly roasted coffee.

June 28
17:06 2021
Thousands are making the switch to faster, fresher, and more affordable coffee delivered hot off the roaster.

Most Americans don’t get to drink coffee the way it’s meant to be enjoyed: freshly roasted and served in generous portions, and it’s easy to get turned off by the price of a small 12oz bag of coffee.

Expresso is changing that. The innovative online coffee subscription company is serving up fresh-roasted beans for less than $1 per cup. Yes, you read that right — $1. With 2 pound, 4 pound, and 6 pound options, there is more bang for your buck and less money spent on flavorless ground coffee.

Everyone drinks different amounts of coffee, so Expresso created a frequency guide based on dozens of studies that show how coffee is consumed by many of their subscribers, so they can get their coffee delivered to their door at the optimal time – right before they run out.

Expresso ships their all-natural chemical-free coffee instantaneously, often minutes after roasting. Unlike most coffee which loses valuable freshness and flavor while stored on the shelf for weeks, Expresso beans are shipped fresh off the roaster. Think of it as a smart, on-demand barista designed for the ultimate coffee lover who wants fresh roasted beans with incredible quality and reliability.

They only offer whole bean coffee, so you must have a grinder in your home to use their service. They’ve found that for the best possible coffee, the beans should be ground just before brewing and grinding the beans releases many of the flavorful oils. Around 80% of the freshness, flavor and scent is lost just 2 days after grinding.

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