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Heal Consult Launching Spiritual Channeling, Spiritual Feng Shui, & Anxiety Healing Services

Heal Consult Launching Spiritual Channeling, Spiritual Feng Shui, & Anxiety Healing Services

January 06
13:48 2022
Heal Consult Launching Spiritual Channeling, Spiritual Feng Shui, & Anxiety Healing Services

Litchfield Park, USA – 05 January 2022 – With all the strange events so far, such as: Covid 19, to a random wave of depression, anxiety issues, etc., it’s high time to spread awareness of spiritual revolution in society.

Now everyone seeks spiritual healing more than physical well-being to get rid of anxiety and depression. Heal Consultis now an open doorway, warmly welcoming every concerned client who needs a cure for internal sickness and needs a boost to handle life with an optimistic vision again.

To help you best heal from anxiety and depression, Dr. Ramin Mobasseri from Heal Consult will provide the best spiritual healing services. Using spiritual channeling, Feng Chui, and another holistic approach in God’s name to cure all spiritual problems.

About Dr. Ramin Mobasseri – Expert Spiritual Consult & Healer

Dr. Ramin Mobasseri is a born spiritual healer chosen by God to serve humanity. He works with numerous clients worldwide through various contacting sources, including: phone, Skype, and on-site in the Phoenix area, USA.

He started developing his love for spirituality around 1997 and finally learned what he was seeking; it already existed in his divine spirit. Besides, his connection with God started getting stronger with his daily prayers and meditation.

Let’s take a quick glimpse into his journey of spiritual treatment – when did it all start?

Journey of Dr. Ramin Mobasseri Spiritual Channeling & Healing Services

The journey began in 2019 when he started attending training by a renowned spiritual healer, Victor Barron. Dr. Ramin Mobasseri learned a lot under the mentorship of Victor – his spiritual trainer. 

He takes it an honor to offer his spiritual healing services using a modern and highly effective approach to an ancient traditional shamanic healing practice. 

After getting trained, he finally started treating patients using spiritual techniques in 2012 while raising his own Inner Holy Spirit and balancing chakras. He’s a Ph.D. in Health Psychology that entirely focuses on these meditation techniques. So, this is how he becomes a complete spiritual healing consultant.

When to use spiritual channeling and how to treat best with spiritual Feng Chui, he learned this skill throughout his spiritual training journey to address healing, depression, and anxiety.

Role of Spiritual Services in Improving Individual’s Overall Well-Being

Spiritual services aim to accommodate people with various practices while going through a spiritual journey. Additionally, it heals people and enables them to cure all problems through spirituality. 

Serving with; healing, coaching, space clearing, spiritual channeling/ Feng Shui, and BEHT, the expert at Heal Consult ensures that you don’t suffer any adverse condition in the future due to any cause.

Their reliability and years of experience enable seekers to approach healers and find solutions for their troubled life, distraction in life directions, and health issues, etc. Contact Heal Consult today, and soothe your soul with spiritual care.

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