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Keep Fit For 2022 And Beat The Rising Obesity Levels Says Fitt Buy

Keep Fit For 2022 And Beat The Rising Obesity Levels Says Fitt Buy

January 10
18:36 2022
Fitt Buy has launched a new range of exercise accessories to help people get in shape for 2022

2022 is the year that everyone should think about keeping fit and losing that excess weight says Fitt Buy. The online fitness store that sells everything from fitness accessories to fitness equipment, wants more people to take their health and fitness more seriously.

Each January millions of people join their local gym in the USA to get fit as part of their New Years Resolution. However, nearly 50% of new members stop going to the gym within the first three months of joining. Experts believe there are many different reasons why people stop visiting their local gym after becoming a new member. They include:

Lack of motivation

Finding the time to visit the gym

The rising costs of joining and visiting a gym

In a recent report, it was found that the GYM industry revenue has declined by 58% compared to the previous year. The survey found that this was not just down to COVID. They found that more people have found different ways to exercise instead of visiting their local gym. According to the report, 39.14% of gym members replaced gyms with home fitness solutions.

Fitt Buy understands that more people are now exercising at home due to the costs of visiting a gym. However, according to a spokesman for Fitt Buy, it is not just about the costs of gym membership why more people are exercising at home.

“In the modern world, people have less time than they use to. Going to the gym can be time-consuming. It is not just about finding an hour in a busy day to spend at a gym, it is also about traveling. When visiting a gym, some busy people may have to find around two to three hours to visit their gym. That includes getting ready, traveling to the gym, exercising at the gym, and then returning to work or home.”

The online fitness store has said the appeal of exercising at home means people can fit their exercise routine into their busy schedule. That is why Fitt Buy has launched a range of fitness equipment where people can exercise when they want to exercise.

Some of the fitness accessories and people are using to exercise at home include:

Pedal Pull Rope Bodybuilding Expander, priced at just $16.99

Core Workout Sliders (Set Of Two), priced at just $21.49

To see the full range of exercise equipment and accessories currently available at Fitt Buy, please visit

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