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Valorexo’s algorithm breakthrough: How their industrial equipment valuation tool uses data Science

Valorexo’s algorithm breakthrough: How their industrial equipment valuation tool uses data Science

January 10
22:42 2022
Valorexo has found a new and more accurate way of valuing used industrial equipment using their data-driven valuation algorithm

Most people looking to sell, buy, lease, auction, value, or insure industrial equipment find themselves with the same problem, not knowing the most accurate way to go about it. That is until Valorexo launched their digital valuation tool that is changing things. Valorexo’s tool for industrial equipment provides an objective valuation using their cutting-edge algorithm.

The valuation tool is developed by industry experts with years of experience in the space. This tool was created to provide a fast solution to getting accurate, fair, and effective market pricing on used industrial equipment. This is to ensure that machinery is not undervalued or overvalued. Valorexo is an industry leader by virtue of the fact that the brand was established by brands that have been within the industrial equipment industry for years, including Exapro, Bidderlists, and Kitmondo. The team has a combined experience of more than 100 years in technology and the industrial space.

Borrowing from this experience, it became easy for the Valorexo team to identify gaps in the market that need to be filled. Staying true to their growth and innovation mission, Valorexo heeds the market call to provide a tool that streamlines buying, selling, valuing, and insuring machinery. By observing the market, Valorexo was able to collect valuable data that helps with valuation. “We could see that through creating our own tools for valuation purposes that we were adding so much value to the transaction process, the power that was created by this knowledge made the decision very easy to develop the tool further and make it available to everyone.”

Machinery Pricing is a must-do for companies for insurance purposes, auctions, and loan applications. Before Valorexo launched its valuation tool, this process was time-consuming and often of questionable accuracy. Valorexo places the power of fast and accurate valuations into companies’ hands. This is to help them navigate the market landscape and make informed decisions regarding their industrial equipment. Time is of the essence in this line of work, and the Valorexo valuation tool saves time by utilizing data science to generate instant valuation reports.

In achieving this, Valorexo has created a level playing field for all involved in industrial and also educates people on the value of leveraging data science for machinery pricing. At the click of a button, people can value industrial equipment fast and accurately. This new tool has solved the age-old problem of equipment valuation that has plagued the industry. It also helps people circumvent potential risks and costs of inaccurate valuations.

According to Managing Director Thomas Bordier at the launch of Valorexo, “Valorexo will offer a range of solutions tailor-made to fit your requirements including one-off valuations, subscription accounts offering multiple valuations and a full API feed directly into your own application.” At their December launch, Valorexo promised an initial use of their tool for metalworking, printing & Plastics sectors and gradually expand to cover textile, food processing, pharmaceutical, electronics, woodworking, and all other industrial equipment.

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