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FIFISH V6 EXPERT: Mini Underwater Drone Makes a Big Splash with its Expanding Variety of Professional Add-Ons

FIFISH V6 EXPERT: Mini Underwater Drone Makes a Big Splash with its Expanding Variety of Professional Add-Ons

January 11
01:06 2022

Released in late 2021, FIFISH V6 EXPERT is a professional-class underwater robot and productivity solution. Equipped with all-new multi-attachable tooling capabilities, V6 EXPERT is the latest iteration of the award-winning V6 series by underwater robotics company QYSEA Technology.

FIFISH V6 EXPERT Underwater T by QYSEA Technology

An Upgraded & Expansive Underwater Productivity Tool

Renowned for its entry-level FIFISH V6 ROV that made its definitive mark at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), QYSEA has since seen increasing demand for more capable and compact-sized ROVs. The V6 EXPERT delivers an upgraded build and performance from its predecessor, increased protection against corrosion and sand, all the while applying its patented design to achieve 360-degrees of underwater mobility.

FIFISH V6 EXPERT delivers 360-degrees of underwater mobility

The FIFISH V6 EXPERT also sees a boosted filming experience, with 4K low noise shooting, a pair of 6000 Lumen LED lights, as well as an SD card slot to easily transfer out images and films from the ROV. In terms of upgraded power, the V6 EXPERT reaches 90% capacity within one hour and can operate for up to 5 hours on a single dive.

FIFISH V6 EXPERT’s interface opens up the possibility to integrate with a wide range of professional-level tools that can tackle numerous industry-specific scenarios. The add-on equipment ranges from additional camera systems and AR/ laser measurement tools to robotic arm modules and quality samplers, and much more.

FIFISHV6 EXPERT can be integrated with over 30 professional-grade add-on tools

All-New & Specialized Add-Ons

The exciting announcement by QYSEA, on a new range of professional add-on tools for the FIFISH V6 EXPERT, sees a boost in the capabilities of the ROV that will surely benefit its users. Professionals across the fields of offshore energy, aquaculture, shipping, and subsea construction will have the opportunity to elevate their underwater operating experiences.

FIFISH V6 EXPERT uses the Mort Remover tool to carry away a deceased fish

Inspection Tools

The newly-added waterproof consoles, which include the IP53-rated PC and IP65-rated remote controller, ensure operators with worry-free control through rainy weather or shoreside splashes. The consoles also come equipped with high brightness monitors and a quad screen display for optimized viewing and control when multiple tools are in use.

The addition of the add-on underwater metal detector gives avid underwater explorers and professional operators the ability to efficiently find metal inclusions hidden within objects and metal objects buried underground.

Left to Right: V6 EXPERT with the Metal Detector add-on, Waterproof Controller & Waterproof PC

Manipulator Tools

V6 EXPERT boosts its capabilities in the world of aquaculture with the addition of a Mort Remover and Net Patch Kit. The Mort Remover clamp is specially designed for fish farmers to efficiently transport sick fish and harmful elements, away from their operational areas. The Net Patch Kit delivers a quick solution for securing holes to prevent issues from becoming severe.

In various other offshore operations and ship maintenance tasks, the newly-added Sawing Machine will provide operators a powerful tool to cut ropes, seaweed, and other types of foreign matter necessary to remove for their work.

Left to Right: V6 EXPERT integrated with the Net Patch Kit, Mort Remover & Sawing Machine

With continually expanding add-on capabilities, FIFISH V6 EXPERT will have far-reaching applications throughout the marine industry. These essential ranges of work extend from inspections of livestock, underwater structures, ship hulls, and dam infrastructures to operating out at offshore wind farms, maintaining aquaculture farms, sampling the quality of surrounding water environments, and much more.

More capable than ever, the FIFISH will provide users in both the world of professionals and leisurists a highly-capable tool and productivity solution that delivers a seamless immersion into the underwater world.

About QYSEA Technology

Established in 2016 within the heart of China’s technology and manufacturing hub, QYSEA is committed to delivering exceptional expertise in the R&D, manufacturing, and sales of underwater robots. As a company, they have broken numerous industrial barriers to establishing a leading market position with their ROV technologies, proudly garnering recognition for their innovations (CES, Future Maker, GIC) and functionalities (iF Design, Good Design).

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