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Meet Yuri Mavashev: 36 Year Old Entrepreneur Who Has Built a 7-Figure Accounting Firm and is Helping Accountants Level Up Their Game

Meet Yuri Mavashev: 36 Year Old Entrepreneur Who Has Built a 7-Figure Accounting Firm and is Helping Accountants Level Up Their Game

January 18
23:57 2022
Accountants & Bookkeepers Increase Revenues By Transitioning From Compliance Work To Scalable Consultancy Services With The Help Of CFO Driven.

CFO Driven is a consultancy company dedicated to helping small time accounting firms become more competitive, attract more clients, and essentially increase their sales. The company does this by guiding them in stepping up their game, from simply conducting compliance works to becoming high-value consultancy service providers.

Leading CFO Driven is its founder, Yuri Mavashev. Being a 7-Figure Accounting Firm owner himself, Mavashev knows very well the struggles of such small businesses.

“Compliance work today is generating lower margins than it was before the financial crisis,” explains Yuri. He adds, “Firms that operate under the old accounting firm model and are offering low margin compliance work are having a hard time finding new clients, and are en-route for failure. Accounting and Bookkeeping firms that are shifting from compliance work to advisory and consulting work are seeing money and freedom.”

According to the CFO Driven team, because traditional compliance work yields low margins, small firms have to cover more work hours and source more clients in order to maximize their profits. This becomes even more challenging for them due to the significant number of competitors doing the same thing as them. Modern day accounting software’s are advancing and becoming more and more capable of automating the compliance services that they provide.

In order to stay in business, CPAs, bookkeepers, and tax professionals have little choice but to accept high-stress, low-paying work from difficult clients. This, said Yuri, often leads to burnout.

Through the aid of his company, Yuri aims to close the value gap between accountants & bookkeepers and the business owners they are serving. CFO Driven believes that by gearing up the business capacity from compliance work to a scalable and efficient business advisory service, their clients will set themselves apart from their competitors. This also allows them to work less, command higher fees, engage with more and higher value clients & have a bigger impact.

“The way accountants and bookkeepers sell their services needs to move from transactions to results-based,” said Yuri.

Mavashevs’ expertise is built on his extensive background in heading the finance and accounting departments of multiple Fortune companies and global marketing agencies for over 15 years. Yuri’s team has helped more than three hundred businesses across different industries in six different countries.

Yuri now runs his owns accounting firm with a seven-digit networth. In the past year alone, his team has helped 150+ accounting and bookkeeping firms increase 6M+ revenues combined.

More information about CFO Driven’s services can be accessed at

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