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BetaMars Sending 20,000 USDT for BetaMars Design Campaign

BetaMars Sending 20,000 USDT for BetaMars Design Campaign

January 19
00:15 2022

Metaverse, booming with capital injection, is regarded as the next stop of the Internet. In the metaverse world, BetaMars leads the exploration of digital ecology construction, finding the relationship between human and social digitalization, developing metaverse world civilization and becoming the metaverse innovators. BetaMars has attracted global capitals and gained recognition from a number of well-known investment institutions. BetaMars has huge potential that can become the leading role in the metaverse track, and has received investment from Pluto Capital, Youbi Capital, HOT DAO, GameMine Capital and Kryptos.

Source: Twitter @Betamars2025

Since the project started, BetaMars has always been finding the solution of DAO, which is closely linked with the project. To achieve the adoption of community suggestions and advice as well as improvement of product design, BetaMars holds the BetaMars Design Campaign during 18th Jan – 7th Feb, facing global users. Participants will have the chance to win prizes up to 6,000 USDT.      

Designs include BetaMars character concepts, game scenes, spaceship concepts and 2D, 3D or GIF stickers. After the campaign, ten great artworks will be selected by BetaMars officials to vote in the community. Finally, community members will decide the ranks.


First Prize: 6,000 USDT

Second Prize: 4,000 USDT

Third Prize: 3,000 USDT

Other outstanding works: 1,000 USDT

Outstanding artworks will be shown in BetaMars Ecology.

About BetaMars

BetaMars is a metaverse project developed by a top encryption team, whose members are well-experienced in the sector. Zach, BetaMars CTO, had the experience to design BTS and EOS with BM. Slivia, project founder and CEO of BetaMars, led the team to participate in the production of MOBA games League of Legends and The Deer and the Cauldron.

The BetaMars project has multiple stages. In BetaMars 1.0, players, as the role of Miner or Lord, together construct the world’s foundation around exploitation and earning production materials. In the uncivilized world, players divide up all resources and build the world’s rules. In 2.0 and more versions, culture, law and values will be established with development of BetaMars. Different countries, cultures and business empires will be born. An enormous digital civilization continent thus rising.

BetaMars’ product design and unique economic model based on human nature, integrated with real world civilization, are continuing to burn in the metaverse market.

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