Charleston News Online Explains the Role of an Oncology CRO in Clinical Trials Explains the Role of an Oncology CRO in Clinical Trials

September 29
03:00 2022 Explains the Role of an Oncology CRO in Clinical Trials

When a person first hears they have cancer, their last thought is probably how the doctor is going to treat them. They worry about their family, their finances, and more. However, researchers are continuously looking for ways to improve existing cancer treatments and develop new ones. 

Why Cancer is so Hard to Treat

Each tumor is different. Two people may have the same type of cancer, but every person is unique. As a result, each tumor is unique. Precision oncology is working to overcome this by targeting the genetic characteristics of a tumor. This allows doctors to tailor the treatment to the individual to avoid the unpleasant effects of the treatment. In addition, doctors find they can save on expensive treatments that may not work. 

This appears to be the future of medicine, but more work needs to be done. This is where a contract research organization (CRO) comes into the picture. For more information on these CROs, find out here

The Role of Oncology CROs

Oncology contract research organizations manage clinical trials. They may oversee studies across multiple diseases or focus on specific types of cancer. Today, these organizations represent a multi-billion dollar industry. They handle all phases of drug trials. 

These organizations are highly visible in the field because of the research being done to treat and cure the various types of cancer that affect humans. This field continues to grow. In fact, Worldwide CRO expands with new bioanalytical lab

Why Oncology CROs are Important

Cancer is typically terminal if left untreated. However, researchers face several challenges when bringing new treatments to the market. For instance, the treatments must be standardized. 

A promising new technology in the treatment of cancer is liquid biopsies. Doctors can learn more about the type of cancer a patient has with nothing more than a blood test using this technology. Researchers are studying ways to use this method to treat cancers deep in the body, such as those found in the lungs or pancreas. 

They need help in managing clinical trials. By turning management of the trial over to a CRO, they can continue the research uninterrupted. According to, the CRO eliminates any clinical trial pain points. This allows the clinical trial to move forward faster. In addition, the quality of the trial improves. 

The Prevalence of Cancer

According to the World Health Organization, almost 10 million individuals around the globe lost their lives to this disease in 2020. One of every six deaths is a result of cancer today, and cancer is best treated if caught early.

 A company like VIAL is working to help researchers bring new treatments to the market today, and it is not alone. More work needs to be done in this area to reduce the risk of cancer and find better treatments. 

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