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The Specialist Putting a Stop to Permanent Hair Loss

The Specialist Putting a Stop to Permanent Hair Loss

September 29
05:54 2022
Permanent Solutions Scalp Micropigmentation is using a harmless, reasonable, and 100% to treat hair loss and improve the self-confidence of those battling with the issue.

Hair loss is not an issue to be taken lightly. Multiple studies have linked this unwanted phenomenon to decreased confidence, lowered self-esteem and even lowered quality of life. Men, in particular, are worse hit by thinning hair as there are no solutions to stem the tide. Besides, balding hair and receding hair tend to have a negative connotation in society. Permanent Solutions Scalp Micropigmentation has, however, come up with the best hair loss solution to help anyone get their hair back.

Permanent Solutions Scalp Micropigmentation specializes in restoring the confidence and hairline of those struggling with hair loss. The company uses scalp micropigmentation treatment for thinning up top, diminishing hair, concealing of scars, and alopecia. 

For those who don’t know, scalp micropigmentation treatment is the art of using pointillism to deposit micro-size pigment into the scalp in order to replicate the illusion of a hair follicle. This can help individuals who are experiencing thinning, balding, receding hairline or alopecia by providing them with the appearance of a fuller and thicker head of hair or, the “buzzed” appearance.

Permanent Solutions Scalp Micropigmentation is founded by Anthony Baez, a former barber of 19 years, who got very intrigued with the SMP process and how real it looks when done correctly. He made sure to get trained by the best instructors, so much that he took multiple courses, even worked with some artists in Australia and Italy via zoom to make sure he gets all the required information and knowledge. Having worked with different hair textures, hairlines, and blends as a former barber, he knows what to look for and which hairline and shade of color best fit the person he is working on.

Under Anthony’s trusted guidance, Permanent Solutions Scalp Micropigmentation deals with hair loss issues of all types including:

–  Pattern baldness: Scalp micropigmentation reinforces and adds thickness to diminishing regions for the presence of thick, solid hair.
–  Hairline Restoration: Scalp micropigmentation helps to reestablish one’s receding or thinning hairline.
–  Scar Concealment: This treatment helps to disguise the perceivability of one’s hair relocate (FUE/FUT) scar with little, variety matched hair follicle stores.

Results do not take forever to show when it comes to scalp micropigmentation (SMP). Permanent Solutions Scalp Micropigmentation promises its clients that they can see results as soon as after the first session. 

Please visit to learn more and schedule a free consultation. 

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Phone: (561) 267-3320
Address:1499 Forest Hill Blvd Suite 102
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