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New Mega Quiz app allows the users to sharpen their memory and have a fun battle quiz with friends

New Mega Quiz app allows the users to sharpen their memory and have a fun battle quiz with friends

September 27
18:18 2019

Mega Quiz is an exciting mobile app that enables the users to test their knowledge and sharpen their memory skills. Apart from improving IQ, knowledge, and focus, the players can also use this app to enjoy fun battle quiz with friends and other players. The app available for the Android users, features over 30,000 multiple choice questions and over 4000 photos and logos that will entertain and challenge the best of general knowledge Quiz players. This has to be one of the most comprehensive and exciting quiz apps and trivia games in 2019.

Mega Quiz can be played as a single player to test one’s knowledge or as a multiplayer to compete against other players. The player can compete to rank up their position on the global leaderboard. Every month a new champion is picked. Some of the major features of the game are as follows:

  • Over 30,000 multiple choice questions and a variety of topics (music, history, science, nature, animals, etc.)
  • Hundreds of levels to unlock, to ensure endless fun
  • Single and two-player head to head battle mode
  • PDF reports of  Brain Training based on the player’s answer in each round
  • Monthly leaderboards
  • 4000+ pictures and universal quizzes are included in the rounds
  • Multiple difficulty levels to choose from
  • IQ exercises and Brain teasers that are not dependent on general knowledge
  • A lightweight app that works fast, as all questions are stored on servers

To play the game, the users can choose the universal quiz online category that they want and the level they are currently on. Every level has a set of 20 questions and each question gives 5 points. The player has to answer correctly over a specific percentage of questions in order to clear the level and move up. There are many other features like 50-50 help action in each round, skip to the next question option, audience poll and reset the timer to make the game more pleasant and fun to play. An additional fun twist is that the player can hear each question asked by an English voice when he presses the corresponding button in each round.

Mega Quiz is an interesting game that challenges the user, expands their knowledge, increases their IQ, keeps memory sharp and reduces stress, all in a fun manner!

Download the app now from Google PlayStore.

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