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Pockero Token for Everyday Services Marketplace to be Listed on Shortex

Pockero Token for Everyday Services Marketplace to be Listed on Shortex

October 01
08:58 2019

Oct 1, 2019 – The divided world needs a uniting hand. Can blockchain reconnect people to their intrinsic value, reward good Samaritans and those who help us in need, and fill up the void? An affirmative answer comes in the form of Pockero – the decentralized marketplace for everyday services.

Pockero is pleased to announce that its token will soon be listed on Shortex in the fourth quarter of 2019.

The ordinary days sees millions of people looking around for help, be it with the garden, interiors, watching the kids or taking one to a hospital. The heroes around us are those who come to assist us in these times, and Pockero is about connecting with and rewarding them for their services.

Pockero ensures that some hero answers the call in the hour of need and allows setting up a meeting to plan the job. The platform can then be used to reward the helper in the form of tokens. Pockero works for both services and goods. Also, it is incredibly useful in neighborhoods to get to know one’s neighbor and understand how valuable they can be.

Pockero ensures that you reconnect with the people around you and spend more time exchanging human value than screen time!” says a spokesperson for Pockero.

The token for Pockero serves as the medium to reward the heroes in the community. It is an attempt to capture the intangible human value of being in service to the world at large, of sharing experiences with others and more.

In the near future, the Pockero network will morph into a global marketplace. There will be hyperlocal communities as well, and the platform will allow creation of Dapps, with easy ways to design a user interface and deployment over the network.

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