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When Shipping Any Type of Goods, the Right Size Shipping Container is an Important Component

When Shipping Any Type of Goods, the Right Size Shipping Container is an Important Component

April 20
09:42 2020

There are many methods of shipment of goods to choose from, depending upon starting point, ending destination, and of course, the amount and type of goods that are to be transported.  It is imperative, in order to preserve the shipped goods and keep costs affordable, to choose the right size and type of shipping container.  A reliable company, such as Ontario Container Transport, should be consulted before any shipping is even attempted.

The highways are routinely packed with trailers transporting all types of goods throughout Canada. 

Exportation of goods extends beyond Canadian borders too and statistics by the Canadian government show that billions of exported goods are transported globally and within the Canadian territories each year, leading to an increase in the need for actual transport and sometimes the storage of goods until transport can be completed.  Called “The Great White North” Canada is considered a global leader in exportation now and shipment of goods. This leads to the need to choose the perfect size and type of shipping container each time. 

Both time and money can be wasted by picking the wrong size of shipping container.

Proper shipping is considered a science, with terminology used for the selection of container and type of transport needed.  This science of shipping is now defined as “Containerization” and has established dimensions and types of containers needed for any type of shipping before shipping begins.  A knowledgeable company, therefore, with experience in “Containerization” should always be chosen for any type of shipping.  Consultations with experienced shipping companies should take place each time a shipment is considered.  Costly goods can be lost or damaged when shipping occurs incorrectly leading a business to suffer a loss that they very well might not be able to afford. 

Shipments are unique, but some shipping container sizes are more popular everywhere. 

There are standardized sizes that seem the most requested across the globe, according to statistics.  Although these 14 most popular types are used for international trade, they also are standardized and very popular for internal shipping within the same geographic or countrywide area within Canada.  The ranges are from very small to enormous and when a shipment falls “in between” sizes, a “less than full” container and pricing might be offered by companies. 

Whether local, nationwide, or global, timeliness of delivery does matter.

Logistics in any type of transport count, size of shipping container counts, and the amounts and types of goods and services also count.  It takes knowledge to ship safely and within specified timeframes.  Every unexpected occurrence must also be accounted for as holdovers require logistical preparations too.  Finding a company with skills and knowledge that are needed will lead to overall less cost and waste for any business that uses transport.  A key component is the dimensions of a shipping container so professionals should always be consulted.  Due diligence before transport does equal successful transport! 

About Ontario Container Transport (OCT)

Ontario Container Transport (OCT) of Ontario, specializes in all methods of transport of goods and has a large variety and type of shipping containers and sizes available.  They have specialists who are aware of all the logistics involved in successful transport, and have an email, phone, and an online form for quick response on their website.  All quotes are free, and consultants are thorough in their recommendations. 

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