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Creative Bioarray Introduces Optimized Chromosome Probes

Creative Bioarray Introduces Optimized Chromosome Probes

April 24
12:42 2020

As a world-leading service provider in biomedical science, Creative Bioarray has updated a wide range of Chromosome Probes to help global scientists in bio-research community with their research.

With an unrelenting drive in bio-scientific research and industry, Creative Bioarray always spares no effort to utilize the latest technology or proprietary protocols to authenticate and develop quality products that drive innovation and standards in science. With years of expertise, the scientist team has accumulated deep FISH probes knowledge, and has also optimized the most comprehensive list of FISH probes for rapid identification of a wide range of chromosomal aberrations across the genome.

A portfolio of CABR chromosome probes is available now for global clients in a wide range of applications such as detection of gene amplification, deletion, translocation and chromosomal aneuploidies associated with tumor and genetic disease profiling.

Centromere Probes

The centromere probes are available to measure the number and type of specific chromosomes by bind the centromere regions of a particular chromosome. These products, such as CEN 1p FISH Probe and CEN Pan FISH Probe, can be used for the detection of chromosome monomeric or aneuploidy, and they can also be a reference probe for other genes.

Whole Chromosome Painting Probes

Creative Bioarray provides an all-inclusive DNA probe library that uses fluorescently labeled specific chromosomes (whole chromosome, specific chromosome arm, or chromosome fragments). The whole chromosome painting probes at Creative Bioarray ranges from WCP 1 FISH Probe to WCP 22 FISH Probe, as well as WCP X FISH Probe and WCP Y FISH Probe.

Subtelomere Specific Probes

The subtelomere specific probes can facilitate the research on specific subtelomere regions as well as new disease syndrome studies. This kind of probes, including 1p Subtelomere FISH Probe, Xyq Subtelomere FISH Probe, etc., can also be used for autism, recurrent miscarriage and other aspects of research.

Satellite Enumeration Probes

Creative Bioarray also provides satellite enumeration probes that specifically recognize highly repetitive DNA sequences in 24 human chromosomes, including Satellite Enumeration 1 FISH Probe, Satellite Enumeration 1/5/19 FISH Probe, Satellite Enumeration X FISH Probe, etc.

“We keep upgrading our FISH probes to provide a satisfied solution to our clients,” said a senior scientist at Creative Bioarray, “For example, the whole chromosome painting probes we produce are highly specific and sensitive in the identification of human pathology. And our subtelomere specific probes are selected from the unique sequence at the end to obtain the most probable chromosome specificity.”

Creative Bioarray has spent years of hardworking in the chromosome probe field, and now is confident to provide high-quality chromosome probes to meet every special need of clients. If there are any queries about these products, please visit

About Creative Bioarray

With more than a decade of exploration and expansion, Creative Bioarray has built a team of experts with solid knowledge who are fully competent in assisting global clients with a wide variety of high-quality normal human and animal cells, cell culture medium and reagents, FISH probes, tissue array, microorganisms, equipment, etc.

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